Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Break

No, folks, this isn't college Fall break we are talking about.  This is Kindergarten and Preschool Fall Break!  And man, was it nice.  No last minute research papers to complete, novels to read, or papers to grade.  It was just four glorious days of beautiful weather, family time, and loads of fun.  Since Jonathan had to work on Thursday, we had a little playdate with a few of Nora's classmates at our house.  That evening, we rented "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" and had a movie/popcorn party.  Nora and I had read the book together about a month or so ago, and I told her we could watch the movie after we completed the book.  We loved it!  Nora kept telling me how the book was different from the movie (already like her Momma in that way).

On Friday, Jonathan was off of work, so we wanted to do something outside as a family.  For a while we've heard nothing but wonderful things about Ijam's Nature Center here in Knoxville, so we decided that since it was a beautiful day outside that we would venture out for a family hike.  We loved it and then had a yummy hamburger lunch together at Moo-Yah's afterward. 

The rest of the weekend involved some church activities including our church's annual Corner-copia (Fall Festival) and guest speaker Jerry Bridges (my favorite).  In between all of those things, we were outside playing in the yard, riding bikes, and taking walks.  IT WAS GLORIOUS!  Have I mentioned how much I love living in East Tennessee this time of year!?

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Melanie said...

Crazy- we spontaneously landed at Ijams last weekend too. It was way cool! We are on Fall Break now... Very, very nice! You are getting really good with your camera!