Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stella Marie: 18 Month Stats

On Sunday our sweet Stella turned 18 months!

Seriously, where does the time go?

Anyway, yesterday was her 18 month check-up, so I wanted to share her latest statistics.  Our girl is growing so well and is doing so many new things daily, with the exception of walking and talking.  She can say a few words, but mostly she grunts and babbles to communicate her wishes.  As far as walking goes, I firmly believe that this girl could walk if she desired, but she simply doesn't have the time or patience to practice.  She has taken many steps at a time (maybe ten or more), but her interest doesn't stay around long enough so that she can get it down pat.

She weighed and measured in at:

Height- 31.5 inches (50th percentile)
Weight- 22 lbs., 8 oz.  (25th percentile)

Just for fun, here are Nora's 18 months statistics:

Weight- 21 lbs., 9 oz. (15-20th percentile)
Height- 31.75 inches (55th percentile)

They seem to be very close to the same size at this age.

Liam's stats from that age are:
Height- 33.5 inches (88th percentile)
Weight- 26. lbs, 7 oz.  (65th percentile)

Boy, was our man MUCH bigger than his two sisters!

Here are just a few things our Stella B loves:
-her toothbrush WITH toothpaste on it
-climbing the stairs
-riding her "car" and her ladybug
-her brother and sister
-bath times
-pointing out yours and her own body parts (mostly the face)
-Dum Dum suckers (what can I say!!? #3 gets everything)
-eating popcorn like a big girl
-trying to eat markers and crayons
-doing whatever she can to make her feel like a big girl
-being tickled
-taking Christmas ornaments off the tree and taking all of the DVDs out of the entertainment center

Stella is such a joy to our family.  She is so fun, so easy-going, and just a sweet baby girl to be around.  I am enjoying her so much and love watching her grow and discover and learn and change every day.  I keep calling her my baby, and Jonathan corrects me that she isn't really a baby anymore.  I tell him that as long as she is still refusing to crawl I can call her my baby girl.  (And we all know that our children are ALWAYS our babies!)

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