Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well, Hello March!


How is it March 3rd already?  I am so ready for warm weather and Spring and playing outside, but man, where did January and February disappear to?

As of today, Nora is 5 1/2, Liam is "three and three-quarters" (as he insists on telling everyone), and my sweet Stella B turned 21 months yesterday.  They are growing like weeds.   I have so much updating to do here on the ole blog about what life is like for each of my three little ones, but those posts will have to be for another day.

Today, I am just checking it to let you know we are alive and well.  We have survived the winter, we are ready for hibernation (and illness) to be over, and we are so excited about what the Lord is doing in our lives.  So far, Jonathan thinks that the theme of 2013 is about Stewardship.  God is teaching us to be faithful stewards of all that He has provided for us---our children, our finances, our home, our gifts, our time.  As always, it's a busy season, but a fun one.  I love how God always gives us faith for what he's calling us to at the moment. 

Finally, you may notice that I posted an article that I wrote called "Season of Sowing."  Occasionally, I write for a blog that I contribute to called WOG: Women of God, edited by my dear friend Trillia Newbell.  I mostly submit recipes, but every now and then by the Lord's prompting and Trillia's encouragement, I will share things that the Lord is teaching me.  I thought I would also post them here on my humble little family blog so that you guys can see what God is teaching me as well.  I hope you are encouraged.

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