Thursday, April 18, 2013


You may have wondered why I (once again) have disappeared off the face of the blogging planet?! I've been a little busy growing a baby the past few months.....

That's right!  The Bradshaws are pregnant with baby number four! 
After much prayer and discussion, Jonathan and I felt that our family was not quite complete with three kiddos.  And the Lord has once again blessed us with a new little baby in my belly.  We are really excited. 

I am due October 25th, which makes me almost 13 weeks pregnant at this point.  We found out in mid-February that we were expecting, and we were able to successfully keep it a secret from the kids until I went for my first ultrasound and doctor appointment in March.  Here is a video of us telling them that night:

I was seriously shocked by the reactions of Nora and Liam over the past several weeks.  This is the first time that the kids (any of them) have been old enough to really understand and care about the fact that we have a baby on the way and that there is actually a baby in my tummy.  Nora is so concerned with me all the time and constantly asks how I am feeling and how the baby is doing.  Liam just likes to blow strawberries on my belly.

As my stomach gets bigger-- and believe me, #4 pokes out a lot quicker and a lot more than the other three did--they are constantly drawn to my stomach to hug me, rub my baby bump, and kiss my belly.  It's so sweet to see how they care already for their new baby brother or sister.

I went to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound and was able to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time.  It was 157 bpm, which seems a bit slower to me, so if the old wives' tales are true, maybe we're having a boy!?  Either way, we will be thrilled.  Next month, I go back for a gender ultrasound so we will know for sure then.  Other than getting to see my little one for several minutes on the ultrasound and taking home several new and more detailed pictures, my appointment was pretty simple.  I have been on Prometrium up until this point because of low progesterone levels, but my uterus has completely taken over providing all of the progesterone the baby will need so I can stop taking that supplement.  I am thankful for a healthy baby and pregnancy so far. 

Although anything can happen and the Lord can move on our hearts at any time to think differently, we are thinking that this will most likely be our "caboose."  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant, so I have been particularly trying to savor each and every second of being pregnant this go 'round.  I want to remember it and cherish it and recognize what a miracle the gift of life is.  I am so thankful for another opportunity to bring a baby, a life, a person, a soul, a creation of my King into this world. 

We are already praying for you, little one.  You are already adored and loved and wanted and cherished.  As our Maker knits you and crochets you in my womb, we anticipate your arrival and look forward to seeing what you will bring into this loud and crazy and fun family.  I love you.

Till next time.

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Karen said...

Yaaaayyyyy!!! Congratulations! The video was precious!