Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting Ready for Baby

Well, our little girl could come at anytime now!

I am 38 weeks pregnant today! Only two more weeks until her official due date.
Over the past few months, we have been really busy getting ready for her arrival. We've worked on getting everything together that this little girl will need, and I must tell you.....babies are needy! I had no idea how much stuff we would have to have in order to take care of her. From the stroller to the highchair, from the onesies to the receiving blankets....we've been blessed by the generosity of so many and from the wisdom and experience of our friends and family. This little girl is so spoiled already and she's not even here yet! Also, I must say, thanks to the adorable gifts we've received, my daughter will be very well dressed!

We finally got her nursery completed, so I've attached some pictures for those of you who haven't seen it yet.


Suzanne said...

All you need now is Nora!! :)

Billy G. said...

Casey and Jonathan
The quilt looks quite handsome in Nora's room. We look forward to coming back and staying with you all again soon. I surmise that with a new baby, a budding career, a new home, and wonderful families that the only thing to make your lives complete is to own a Pug.

Be blessed, children.
Billy G.

amy maples said...

her room looks ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, nora, get a move on!!!!! =)

Buford said...

Hey, Nora! Welcome Home!!
Girl, I can't wait to see you. I know what you're gonna say. But the trip is all worth it. Sure, it starts out kinda scary, what with all the pushing and pulling, and all those people wearing a mask(what's up with that?). I guess they don't want you to be able to recognize them later. And it's all about skin, girl. Scrub this, clean than, and wait until you hear what they did to me with a pair of scissors! I definitely will speak with a lawyer about that.
Anyway, you just wait, girl. That room looks wonderful they got for you. Your parents are on the ball. Just remember: cry and the world belongs to you. I can't wait to see you.

Love Buford


Dear Nora Bradshaw
By virtue of your prelminary testing, we are pleased to announce the conferring of
into our organization,
to you. We do ask that you not raise our standards beyond attainment to other geniuses.


Travis and Amber said...

Hello! You dont know me, but I know Jenny and Baxter Goss! My husband and I also used to go to Cornerstone before we moved to Memphis. What a small world! Good luck with you're little one, it is so much fun!
Amber Flenniken

Krispi Kreme Lovers said...


Krispi Kreme Lovers said...

Oops, we had sugar on our fingers before.
Hey Nora, we can't wait to see you. We just know you are going to be sweeter than our hot glazed.

Your dad is ALWAYS in our store, so we hope he brings you by.

The Gang at Krispi Kreme



Since your Dad founded our club earlier this year, we have welcomed new members with open arms. I just know you are going to be welcomed with open arms, too.

We so look forward to your big arrival. Remember to honk your horn if you're proud to be one of us!!

Buick Lovers Club of Knoxville

STORK CLUB said...

Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw:

We have a special delivery on its way. Please get all the sleep you can until I arrive. The joy you are going to experience when you bond with your bundle of joy cannot be described in words.

Make sure you have a camera ready, too. Don't forget to shoot a shot of the clock.

The Stork Club

Robert said...

I like your blog! You got us motivated to get ours going! I'm really jealous that CJ stayed with you guys when he was here last time. How did you land that??? You guys are way cool!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Maybe I can find someone who has a trampoline that you can go jump on for a bit. I think that was the only thing I didn't try. Johanna