Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brunch with Friends

On Friday, November 16, Jonathan, Nora and I left Knoxville for the first time since May and headed home to New Orleans for Thanksgiving '07. We arrived at my parents' house around noon on Saturday. Nora did so well in the car and slept like a champ while we were away from home. I was so nervous that she wouldn't sleep well in her pack 'n' play, since she hasn't slept in anything but her crib since she was one week old. God was so good because, honestly, I think Nora slept longer away from home than she does here. (That could be because we wore her out with all of the busyness while down South). We had such a great visit in New Orleans. We spent lots of time with my folks and my two sisters got to meet Nora for the first time. On Sunday, we went to church at the movie theater and got to see lots of friends for the first time in a long time. (Our church, Lakeview Christian Center, meets on Saturdays at another church location and on Sundays at a movie theater since our building was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Praise the Lord, though, the new church building is under construction, so it shouldn't be too much longer before everyone can meet together on the old property). Sunday night was my dad's birthday, so my mom went all out with a Mexican dinner for him and had some family and close friends over to eat fajitas, enchiladas, and several desserts. (Once you get down there, you just eat and eat and eat! It's terrible really, but so delicious!) We were also able to go to dinner with some friends, and I got together with several of my girlfriends and their little ones at a brunch on Monday.
Nora got to meet several new friends while in New Orleans. My friend Chrissy hosted a little get-together so a bunch of us girls could get together and visit and all of the little ones could make their introductions. Stephanie Francis brought Andrew, Stephanie Maltzahn brought Lydia, Gwen brought Nate and Micah, Chrissy had Ava, Lauren brought Hannah, and I had Nora. Also, Abi, Tina, and Erin were there. It was quite fun and got a little loud at times, but we managed to get some good visiting in and took lots of pictures of all the kiddos!

Nora and Lydia (they are only two weeks apart and both look just like their Dads)

Lydia, Andrew, and Nora

(Andrew is one big, handsome boy!)

Steph and I with our two girls

Ava keeping an eye on the babies....she's about to be a big sister!

Gwen with Nate and Micah

Steph Francis with Erin and Andrew

Baby Hannah Widener (only 4 weeks old)

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