Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cajun Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day was at my mom's house. My mom's entire side of the family came over along with the Leingangs, some family friends from church. I'd say all in all there were about 25 of us! It was nuts and very loud, and if you add the volume of the television with the football game on, it was miracle we could hear each other! Most importantly, however, it was wonderful to all be together. My grandmother got to meet Nora for the first time. It was so neat to think that last year at this time we had just gotten pregnant, and it was Christmas last year when we told all of these family members that Nora was on her way. My cousin Angelle was in town with her husband and their 15 month old daughter, Lindsay. I had not yet met Lindsay in person, so it was great to see them. My mom's sisters, twins Eileen and Kathie, came with their families and lots of food in tow. Uncle Jimmy and his girlfriend, Eileen, were there also and, as always, Uncle Jimmy did a mighty job of cleaning the kitchen after everyone had eaten.
One precious thing that I must mention was the prayer before the meal. Typically, it is my Dad who says the blessing over the food before we all eat. However, in a bit of confusion, my grandmother ended up saying the prayer as we all gathered and held hands. I have never heard her pray before, and it was the sweetest, cutest, and funniest thing ever. My mom and my two aunts were crying! Also, I made a point to get some pictures of me and Nora with my mom and grandmother. Four generations in one place at one time. That was certainly an adventure, because the whole time my grandma kept trying to talk to Nora instead of looking at the camera. (By the way, my grandma thinks that Nora can talk to her. She kept telling me, "Casey, I have never seen a three month old that can talk." I would just say back, "Me neither, Grandma, me neither.) Other funny grandma moments include that she kept calling my sister Emily by the name "Connie." The whole day she would refer to Emily as Connie and we were all like "Who is Connie?" It was hysterical. Hillary, my youngest sister, and I called Emily "Connie" for the remainder of the day. It was great!
Finally, in the pictures below you will notice Nora's beautiful Thanksgiving Day attire. My mom bought Nora this beautiful dress along with the most adorable white bow and cute little shoes. She looked like a doll and the blue dress really made her bright blue eyes pop!
I am so thankful for all of the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on our family this year. God has been so kind and so faithful during this year and through all of the life changes that we have experienced in moving to Knoxville and becoming parents. Nora has been such a work of grace in my life and I am thankful to the Lord for the changes he is bringing out in me through her!

"Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights."

Hillary, my youngest sister, holding Nora who dozed off shortly after meeting everyone.

Nora with my Dad

One attempt at getting our 4 Generation my grandmother is "talking" with Nora

Much better!

Me with Nora and my two sisters, Hillary and Emily (AKA "Connie")

Our precious blessing

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Sadie Belle said...

Just a lovely blog this time. As you know, I wanted your Grandmother to begin the count, so I said, "Grandmaw, you're number one. You start." And that let her to pray. It was a great prayer, too.

Your sister Connie said to tell you hi even though she is freezing and dying for sweet tea. Said it's too far to walk to go get tea bags. What a shame.

Love you all so much.

PS. If JB goes into Wii convulsions, you must pour cold water on him promptly.

Love you