Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy, Busy

This week has been quite busy. Jonathan's parents are in town visiting us for the past few days through the weekend, so we have been spending some quality time with them. Mr. Paul and Mrs. Joyce are camping in Sevierville, TN, so yesterday Nora and I drove over there to spend the day with them and hit up the outlet mall. I was able to get lots of my Christmas shopping done and Nora got to hang out with her Granna and Pop Pop.

Last Saturday we put up our Christmas lights in front of our house....I was so pleasantly surprised at our zealousness! We talked about making that a new family tradition. So, in the future, we will make the first Saturday in December our Christmas decorating day. We have not gotten up our tree yet this year, but Jonathan's parents just brought our artificial one up with them from Mississippi. I would like to get it up by this weekend, but we'll see. It has been three years since Jonathan and I have had a Christmas tree. The last time we had one was in our house in New Orleans, but Katrina got in our way for a while there. How exciting that we now have a home where we are able to implement our own little family's traditions!! How wonderful that we have Nora to share this Christmas with!

I will post pics of our Christmas tree once we get it up and decorated. Happy shopping and decorating to our friends and families out there.

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