Friday, January 4, 2008

4-Month Check-Up

Today was Nora's 4-month check-up! We were very excited to see how she has grown since her last visit at 2 months old. She weighed in at 11 lbs., 13 oz. (20th percentile) and is 24 inches long (45th percentile). She is long and skinny! She received her 4-month vaccinations today also, and although she cried when getting stuck, she stopped as soon as I picked her up! What a good girl!

Nora is 19 weeks this week, and just over the past few days she has started laughing out loud! Of course, Jonathan and I act like fools to make this happen, but it is SOOOO worth it when we hear her sweet laugh and squeals. She is also working on getting up the nerve to roll all the way over onto her stomach. She uses a toy to pull herself 3/4 of the way over, but can't seem to make it 100%. She is so much fun.


Claire said...

So much fun! Isn't it funny how crazy we act just to get a little baby to laugh!? I think Nora is just precious...she is a pretty good mix of you and Jonathan...I can see both of you in her. Glad eerything is going well.

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