Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by my friend, Suzanne

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1. New York City- I have never been to the Big Apple, and neither has Jonathan. Hopefully, one of these days we can make it up there to see the sights. I am definitely planning to go in the next few years while my sister is in school up there. Emily moved to Brooklyn this past August and is pursuing a writing career at the Pratt Institute. I cannot wait to shop, explore, see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and of course, see a few Broadway shows!

2. Washington, D.C.- I love history and culture and museums, so I think I will LOVE going to D.C. Again, this is one of the few places Jonathan hasn't been, so I think we'd have a wonderful time exploring our nation's capital together.

3. Hawaii- I just type the word and the most wonderful visions of beauty and relaxtion overcome me. I pray that our travels will take me to the warm climate and beautiful scenery of Hawaii.

4. Europe- If/When I ever go overseas, I hope it was for atleast two weeks because there are so many places over there that I want to visit....London, Paris, several places in Italy, Greece, Scotland. The list goes on. I could slap myself for not taking advantage of the London semester program in college that would have enabled me to travel lots of these places. But, God is sovereign....I might not have met Jonathan when I did had I taken that opportunity.

5. California- I would love to travel to San Francisco and the Napa Valley area. I'm sure there is so much to see in CA, but my knowledge about the state is so limited. However, anyone that I've talked to that's been says it's amazing. Again, another place Jonathan hasn't traveled. It'll be nice one day....let's hope!

5 Places I want to see again:

1. Belize- I went on a trip with my family in my early teen years. Although I don't remember a ton about the trip, I do remember snorkeling, taking a boat ride, catching our own fish, and having the guide prepare our catch on a deserted beach for our lunch. I also remember the scenery was stunning and the beaches were so beautiful.

2. Chicago- I traveled to Chicago for a National Speech Tournament my sophomore year in high school. LOVED IT! I loved Navy Pier and several of the museums we visited. It was such a clean city and there was so much to do.

3. Rancho 3M- Jonathan and I traveled there several summers with our New Orleans church Lakeview Christian Center. Those experiences always leave you changed and challenged. I remember a set of twin girls that Jonathan absolutely fell in love with, Arelli and Adelli. We still talk about them often and wonder where they are and how they are doing. Thank the Lord for all of the wonderful things He is doing through the Adameks and the orphanage.

4. The Royal Sonesta- This is a hotel on Bourbon Street where Jonathan and I spent our honeymoon night. So romantic!

5. Telluride,CO- My most memorable family ski trip was to Telluride. It was beautiful and the skiing was so fun!

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