Saturday, February 16, 2008

Santa Fe

Last week, we were in Santa Fe on a vacation with my mom and dad, my youngest sister, Hillary, and two of her friends, Maria and Amanda (whom we lovingly refer to as "Pixie"). We flew there, and as this was our first time to fly with Nora, we were a bit anxious, but all in all, our little girl was great! While in Santa Fe, we rented a beautiful house with amazing views of the mountains. It even had an outdoor Jacuzzi, but only the teenage girls were wild enough to get in. We woke up our first morning to snow on the ground, and it continued to snow for the next three days. Durango, CO, only a few hours from where we were, was getting some of the worst snowstorms they'd had in years. We could care less; we were just enjoying the snowfall.

Jonathan and the girls skiied three of the four days we were there at the Santa Fe State Park. I think he had a great time getting reacquainted with skiing, but he didn't have many ski partners during the trip as the girls were fairly new to the process. While they were on the mountain, Nora, myself, and my parents explored Santa Fe. My two favorite things about the town are the food and the shopping. We ate at several local, family-run Mexican restaurants that were phenomenal. I got chicken enchiladas almost everywhere we went, and each time they were smothered in this famous "green chile." Delicioso!!!! Oh, and for the dessert, the sopaipillas were HUGE and we would smother them in honey! So good!

Downtown Santa Fe was beautiful. There are countless art galleries and gorgeous churches and other historical buildings. While there, we bought Nora some pink handmade mocassins. She really had a great time shopping with her grandparents. We had such a wonderful time with my family. And although I have gained a new understanding of what it means to "vacation" with a baby, we were able to relax some and make some wonderful memories.


Tina said...

What great pictures! Thanks for posting them.

I miss you, my friend!! So much!


Casey B said...

Thanks Tina! I miss you terribly!
Did you see how I "tagged" you....I'm waiting for your answers! Should be fun.

Arde Jay said...

Who is the handsome man playing the strange Pew-eb-low instrument in that photo? Looks like a true Native American. Bet it's wonderful to meet someone like that, and HOW!