Friday, April 4, 2008

Nora and Layla=BFF

Here are a few pics of Nora and one of her dearest friends, Layla Grace Townsend. These girls are only six weeks apart, and they absolutely love each other. Layla's parents, Robert and Amy, are some of our closest friends here in Knoxville. It's so much fun to hang out with them and to watch Nora and Layla interact. Layla is crawling now, so I am hoping that she will inspire Nora to get on the move. However, Nora just grunts as Layla moves around as if she is trying to boss her around. "Come here." "Go there." "Get back over here by me." Believe me, I am not trying to rush Nora into being mobile! It'll be so much fun to watch these girls grow up together!

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Claire said...

Nora is just looking at Layla like...hey, I said something funny, you're supposed to laugh! How cute! Just to let you know...I tagged you, if you haven't done this one yet.