Monday, September 15, 2008

Lights Out

We had a fun and busy weekend. Jonathan's sister, Amy, was in town. Jonathan and Amy went to the first UT home game of the season, and Nora and I went to a birthday party. We were all pretty warn out last night. Around 9 pm, Jonathan and I were both sitting in the den checking email and playing on the Internet when the power suddenly went out. Now, we've been having rain off and on this past weekend, but it wasn't even raining when the lights went out. It's been a long time since I've been without power, and it is always the weirdest feeling. We just sat there for a minute in shock before moving to action. With the glow of the computer screens, we were able to locate our flashlight and light a few candles.

A few minutes into the darkness brought about some loud "chirping" from a small white box on our ceiling. Everytime we'd shine the flashlight on the box to see what it was, it would "chirp" louder. Jonathan grabbed a stool and tried to disconnect the box from the ceiling, thinking and hoping it was battery operated like our smoke detectors. Well, that only made the box went crazy. It was so loud, my head was spinning. Jonathan tried quickly to scramble to the garage, find his toolbox, and scrounge around for a wire cutter all in the dark and with the help of our handy flashlight. All I could do was stand there and hold my ears, praying that this obnoxious noise wouldn't wake Nora, but sure it would! How could anyone sleep through this? My hero cut the wire, causing our chirping box to fall to the floor with such noise. Thankfully, all went quiet and Nora seemed undisturbed.

We got ready for bed, since there really wasn't any other option. As we lay in bed talking about the dire possibilities of having no power for a long period of time, the lights came on again! Yeah!
No more worries about ruined food in the freezer or fridge, about not being able to conquer the enormous pile of laundry, about not being able to blow dry my hair! (I know, ridiculous). We had power again! Yeah!

So, I sit here now staring at the broken, useless, white box that was the source of some drama last night. What to do with it? I don't care, really.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Case! We had a similar experience in our old house...the white box yelling, the dogs's awful! Chad finally found his gun-shooting ear muffs, put them on, and cut the wire. I'm not even sure what that white box does! That's hilarious...I can just see yall! Love you bunches! Ker