Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charleston Trip

This past weekend, our little family of 3 traveled to Charleston to visit some of our closest friends from dental school. Brynn and Lance are living in Charleston through June while Brynn completes her pediatric dentistry residency at MUSC. They are then heading home to Baton Rouge where they are both from. Jonathan, Brynn, and Lauren (another really great friend of ours) were super close during school and after Hurricane Katrina relocated us all to Baton Rouge for the remainder of dental school, all of us started hanging out and even started a supper club! We haven't seen Brynn or Lance since graduation (May 2007), so we were so excited to spend time with them and introduce them to Nora.

We made the drive in a little under 7 hours which felt like a breeze compared to the trek to New Orleans. Nora was such a little trooper! The weather over the weekend was pretty cold, so we were limited in how much sight-seeing we could do, but we did get a great driving tour of downtown Charleston and several of the surrounding islands. It has definitely whet our appetites to return in the future.

I feel like all we did while we were down there was eat! The food in Charleston is amazing, and Brynn and Lance appreciate good cooking just as much as we do. I guess it must be a Lousiana thing! I kept telling Brynn that Charleston reminded me so much of New Orleans minus the big party scene. There is so much culture and history there, with incredible architecture and beautiful homes and churches. I hope we can tour some of the homes when we return.

Lunch at Poe's Tavern:

Jonathan, Edgar & Lance

Lance & Brynn

Awesome mural of Poe on the fireplace
Nora & Liz
Liz is Brynn and Lance's roommate. She is a resident with Brynn, and her husband lives in Las Vegas. She moved in with them several months back with her dog Punkie (a Welsh terrier). Loved her! She was so much fun and so sweet.

Ellie (Shoe)--sounds like LSU--is Brynn and Lance's beloved chocolate lab. Lance reading to Nora in front of the fire.
Family pic on the beach at Sullivan's Island. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly freezing it was. We were on the beach for one minute, literally!Nora, Ellie & Punkie

We had such a great weekend! Jonathan and I said several times how neat it was that even though it had been more than a year and a half since we last saw Brynn and Lance, it was like we just saw them yesterday. They are such great friends and were so hospitable! Love you guys!

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Kim said...

Charleston was our first vacation together the first year we were married and we loved it! We also LOVE Poe's Tavern and Sullivan's Island too. They are two of our favorite spots there!