Thursday, January 15, 2009

Girlie Girl

So, today I am going to post a few videos. Just bare with me. I know not everyone thinks my child is as adorable as I do. Anyway, this first one is of Nora with her purse. She is such a girl, growing daily in her love for purses, shoes, makeup, etc. This little purse on her arm was a birthday gift. I brought it out for her a week or so ago and showed her ONCE how to carry it on her shoulder. That was all it took. At first, she was getting really frustrated because the purse wouldn't stay up on her shoulder. As she scooted, the purse would fall down to her elbow. She would then bring the purse to me to put back on her shoulder. It didn't take her long, however, to figure out that if she just holds her arm out to the side while she scoots, the purse stays right where it belongs on her shoulder. So, she constantly looks like she's hailing a taxi, but that purse is behaving!

Another thing you'll notice in the videos is that Nora seems intrigued with my new camera. Anytime she sees that I'm recording her, she becomes obsessed with trying to watch herself, thus making my attempts futile.


Anonymous said...

i like those clothes she's wearing!
amy & layla

Tina said...

Very cute!!