Monday, February 16, 2009

28 Weeks Update

Hello! Not too much to say, but I thought I would document my 28 week appointment anyway. I just looked at the little baby due date ticker on my blog homepage, and I am blown away that we have 79 days left until this little baby is due. Crazy! And yes, this baby is approximately the size of an eggplant for those who like a visual aid. Just wait until you see what he'll be the size of by the end of next month!

Anyway, I had a doctor's appt. this past Friday for my 28 week checkup. Everything is going well. I had to have a blood test done and received a shot of Rhogam since I am Rh-. We got to hear his heartbeat which was around 150 bpm, and my belly is measuring right on target, so growth is progressing just great! I now have appointments every two weeks, which is such a big milestone it seems like. We really are getting close!

I am a slacker when it comes to pregnancy pics, but I really should try to get a few taken before this is all over. I'll try to get some to post in the near future for those friends and family out of town. Till next time!


Tina said...

When I saw the eggplant pic, you know I thought of veggietales, right?

Wonder what your baby's name would be if he were a veggietales eggplant character?

Edwardo...Mr. Lunt's cousin?

Claire said...

I do love eggplant! Sounds like all is going well...yay!