Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Valentine's Day: 14 Things I Love About My Husband

**This is a day late! However, every word is true.

1. I love that he is truly a kid at heart. There is a five-year-old running around inside of him that comes out sometimes.
2. I love that he is different than me in so many ways, but that at the same time we have so much in common and enjoy the same things.
3. I love that he has the ability to confront me in my sin in a loving and caring and encouraging way when I am wrong. I don't always LIKE that he does this, but I know what a gift it is that he leads me in this way and that he does it because he loves me.
4. I love that he loves being a daddy and is so excited to grow our family together.
5. I love that he loves to read....fiction, nonfiction, theological stuff.
6. I love that he just HAS to go check on Nora at night before we go to bed to make sure she's "okay." I also love that when he gets back in bed after checking on her that he has to tell me exactly how she looked in her sleep. He loves his little girl!
7. I love that he loves his family. He is such a caring son and brother to his parents and sister. He is committed to serving them and keeping up with them consistently.
8. I love that he loves my family. He genuinely enjoys being around them and hanging out with them, and I have never felt that my family is second-rate in his opinion.
9. I love that he knows all of my faults and still loves me passionately.
10. I love that he tries all the time to embarrass me. He typically succeeds.
11. I love that he is such a hard worker and that he has a Godly desire to do well in all he does for the glory of God.
12. I love that he loves what he does for a living. I am totally aware that there are so many people who go to work and do what they do without enjoyment. My husband lives his life knowing that God has called him to his occupation, and he truly loves his career! Praise to the Lord!
13. I love that he has taught me to love so many new things in life. There are things that I would never have imagined myself interested in, but thanks to his desire and passion for things, I have grown to love them as he does.
14. I love that he loves the Lord more than he loves me. I love that every year I have known him has been one of growth in God, by the grace of God! I look forward to seeing this attribute about him flourish the most.

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