Thursday, February 5, 2009

For Valentine's Day: 14 Things I Love About My Nora

1. I love that Nora looks so much like her Daddy, even if that means she doesn't look like me.
2. I love how Nora is such a talker. I mean, the girl has a mouth!
3. I love that Nora scoots.
4. I love the way Nora says certain words like "beyo" for bear and "mok" for milk.
5. I love that when Nora gets really tickled, she ends her laughing spells with "OOH, Mommy!"
6. I love that life since Nora has completely changed our lives for the better. What did we do before her? What did we talk about?
7. I love how Nora loves to talk on the phone and is fully capable of carrying on a "conversation."
8. I love how Nora reads books aloud all the time. I have no idea what the books are about, but I'm convinced they're bestsellers.
9. I love that Nora has her "happy place." When she's tired, upset, relaxing, or trying to go to sleep, she puts her right hand up by her head. It's the sweetest thing.
10. I love that Nora is super girlie. She loves purses, makeup, shoes, clothes.
11. I love that Nora loves her baby brother before he's even here. She kisses him and pets him and says "Baby" so sweetly.
12. I love that having Nora means I always have someone to spend the day with. We have so much fun and have such a special bond as Mommy and Daughter.
13. I love that Nora loves to hold my hand. Without fail, every time we are in the car she asks to hold my hands. Unfortunately, if I'm driving, I have to turn her down for safety's sake.
14. I love that Nora has been such a source of growth, challenge, and change in my life. The Lord has definitely used her in my life!

Happy Valentine's Day, Nora Kathryn! We sure do love you.

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Tina said...

I'm all teary-eyed over here!

So sweet!!