Monday, February 9, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

Okay, so I'm sure for anyone who's been pregnant, you know what this post is referring to. For the past several weeks, my pregnancy brain has TOTALLY kicked in. I am a total space cadet! I had this same experience with my pregnancy for Nora where I had trouble communicating coherent thoughts at times, forgetting everything, starting to do one thing only to forget and move on to something else, inverting words, etc. This time, I am truly thankful that the Lord is protecting me. Seriously, there was one week a while back where I could have burnt the house down like three times. Leaving burners on, leaving candles lit, etc. Not good.

Two prime examples come to mind to sum this up. About two weeks ago, I made a huge pot of taco soup. I'm talking BIG.POT.OF.SOUP. I was really excited to use a new dutch oven I received for Christmas. So, I make the yummy soup, we eat a serving each for supper, and there is plenty for leftovers for a couple of meals. I decided to leave the large dutch oven on the stovetop to cool for a couple of hours so I could then just put the pot into the refrigerator. Well, at 7:15 the NEXT morning, I awoke suddenly from my slumber with the dreaded thought that I had LEFT THE MONSTROUS POT OF SOUP ON THE STOVE all night long. Bye, bye soup! I was so frustrated with myself. Granted, I have the potential to do this any day of the year, whether pregnant or not, but I seriously think the hormones were contributing on this one.

Finally, my dreams have been so weird for the past couple of weeks. I have heard about pregnancy dreams and all of these crazy things you dream about in anticipation of the baby's arrival. Yeah, had one of those last night! I gave birth to my baby in my dream last night, except that this baby was no ordinary child. It was a minnow. Yes, a baby FISH! Where in the world did this come from, I wonder? The dream went on for hours it feels like and neither me nor anyone else in the dream seemed weirded out by the fact that I birthed another species. The other thing was that I kept dropping the minnow. It was so small, so tiny that I just couldn't keep up with it. At one point, I lost it and was trying to find another one to carry around so no one would realize I had lost my child. I'm still confused and a little scared of myself.

Anyway, I hope you can relate to some of these or atleast get a good laugh at my craziness these days. I love being pregnant, but there are some weird effects! P.S. I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday. Dr. appt. is this Friday, so I'll post updates afterward.


Anonymous said...

Sooo funny, Case! By the way, have y'all decided on a name for this little boy yet?? Love you! Ker

Nana said...

OHHHHH can I relate to the soup incident! Note to Casey: Set a timer. Wisdom learned the hard way :)

Love ya and can't wait to meet your little boy.

Mrs. Kay