Friday, February 27, 2009

What's New with Nora

Whew, this week has been wild!

First of all, my parents were supposed to be in town this week to visit us during Mardi Gras. However, after a violent stomach virus foiled their plans, our week was looking pretty low key because Grandpa and Nana weren't able to come visit after all. Although I was pretty disappointed about not being able to see them, I was thankful that we were not subjected to the ferocious vomiting that my folks had to endure.

On Tuesday, Nora woke up from her afternoon nap with a low-grade fever, which by midnight elevated to 103 degrees. My poor baby was not feeling well at all, but other than not having an appetite and her fever, she didn't really have any other symptoms. Wednesday we just layed low, my main objective being to get her to eat or drink as much as possible. We were finally fever free yesterday, however, her appetite wasn't back to normal even though she tried to eat. She threw up in her high chair and in the car on the way to my doctor appointment. I can still smell "the smell" of the curdled milk everywhere. I can't stand it. How does throw up manage to find every crack and crevice hidden to the human eye? Anyway, by yesterday afternoon, my little sweet personality was back and she's finally feeling much better!

This morning, we had Nora's 18 month check-up, which worked out perfectly! The doctor was able to check her throat and ears just to be sure they weren't part of this virus we had, but "everything looked beautiful."

Can I just say, Nora is total drama at the doctor's office. I think she even has a reputation. From the moment the nurse takes us back, she starts crying. She's wailing through the measuring and weighing. She wailed when the drew her blood (which I would expect). I finally calmed her down when Dr. G walked in. Just the sight of him causes her to start crying. I know he's probably used to it, but I feel bad for the guy. She has a bandaid on her finger where they pricked her, and you would think it's a purple heart. She holds it up away from everything so it doesn't get touched. Plus, she has to show it to everyone for sympathy. Seriously, the drama at the doctor is over the top!

Enough about that! Here are Nora's 18-month stats. She weighs 21 lbs., 9 oz. (15-20th percentile) and is 31 3/4 inches long (55th percentile). I asked about the fact that Nora is still not walking. Dr. G was very reassuring that all is okay and that we don't need to worry. What is important is that she is progressing...which she is! Since her 15-month check-up she's come really far and is very interested in walking, just not without the comfort of holding someone's fingers. Dr. G said it's just a matter of confidence. The more she practices, the more confident she gets, and one day it'll just happen. That's exactly what I thought he would tell me, but I had to ask just to be sure. However, I do hope Nora has a breakthrough before May 6th. Yeah, that would be nice. But, no pressure, baby, no pressure.

There you have it folks. Our week in review. Little Nora is feeling much better. Having had even these past few days of sickness makes me so appreciative of how healthy our little girl has been in the past. Generally, we have been blessed to avoid ear problems, major stomach issues, etc. God is so faithful to sustain in times when our little ones are ill, and he gives us the strength and patience to care for them.

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Anonymous said...

wow....reading Nora's stats reminds me just how chunky Sam is. I think she was a little over 22 pounds at her 1year checkup. So glad Nora is feeling better. Can't wait to see her take her 1st better get it on video! Love you girl....miss you guys so much. Maybe we'll vacation up there this fall.....we'll see.
Chrissy Rock