Monday, March 23, 2009

Pregnancy Brain Stikes Again

Guess who got halfway through her shopping trip at Kroger this morning only to realize that she had forgotten her wallet AT HOME? That would be me!

Nora and I had an hour and a half ordeal trying to buy groceries this morning. About halfway through my shopping, I was walking down an aisle where I saw an abandoned grocery cart. The shopper had about 10 items or so in their cart, and it made me think, "What would cause someone to leave their cart? I bet it happens pretty frequently, for whatever reason. I bet people have emergencies or forget their wallets or something." As these thoughts were running through my mind, it hit me. I didn't have MY wallet. It was at home. In my purse. On the floor in my bedroom. Atleast 10 minutes down the road.

I took my cart up to the front of the store and got the attention of one of the checker-outers. I told her my situation, and that I wanted to come back after getting my wallet to finish my shopping. She was so kind and understanding, telling me they would put my buggy in the freezer since I had just stacked up on the chicken sale! $1.99/lb, people.

Nora and I carefully and slowly drove home, I got my wallet, and got back in the car. As we were about to pull out of the neighborhood, Nora started choking on her juice. I looked back at her to make sure she was okay. Just as I did, she started coughing and up came her juice and the crackers she had been eating a few minutes before. The lovely cracker-juice combination was everywhere. Thankfully, we were just a few houses from home, so we turned around and changed Nora's clothes. The carseat and I have a date later on reeks!

Anyway, we finally made it to Kroger. Got our cart. Got our groceries. Made it home just in time to unload the car and start lunch. As I was driving home, a wave of exhaustion swept over me. I guess my adrenaline was really pumping through it all, and once it was all over, I was crashing. But, thanks to a Sprite and some good ole Mac'n'Cheese, we're ready to face the afternoon.

Even though it was a stressful hour and a half, I was able to see God's kindness in it all. He gave me the patience to not stress out and to take care of my girl! Thank you, Lord!

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