Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

One night last week, Jonathan took Nora on a "Daddy-Daughter Date" to Chick-fil-a while I went to dinner with the ladies from our Care Group. Just to clarify, there is typically no question in my mind as to where these "dates" will take place being that Chick-fil-a is the favorite food of both JB and Nora.

Anyway, on my way home from dinner, I checked my cell phone only to realize that I had missed a text from Jonathan hours earlier asking me how many nuggets Nora usually eats. (I told him before he left, but that's beside the point). When I got home, I asked him how many nuggets she ate and he said 5. 5!? She usually eats 3-4, but 5! No problem, I thought, she probably didn't eat that many french fries since she was full on chicken, surely! How many fries? "Oh, not that many. Like 6 or 8." Wow! I normally give her about 3, maybe 4. He then went on to explain that they also shared a dessert parfait that was being passed out as a freebie, and she had two cups of milk...one at dinner and one when she got home! I guess my girl had one huge appetite that night. Maybe I need to offer her more food!?

One more funny thing about that night is that Jonathan said Nora definitely proved to be like me. After dinner, they were playing in the play area, which is something new for Nora since she's only been walking for a bit. He said she didn't really play too much, mostly observing all the big kids running around. But, at one point, he looked for her and where was she? By the shoe bin, taking all of the shoes that the other kids had haphazardly thrown down and putting them in the individual slots. What can I say? We like to be organized!

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Kate said...

How funny!! Eating has never been a problem for my kids!! We have to cut them off after a certain point...they are bottomless pits ;)