Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nora Belle at 21 Months

Hard to believe, but my baby girl is 21 months old today. Only three more months until she's a two year old! That just sounds like a big girl age....two. How sad! She is changing so much everyday and is just growing before our very eyes. Her looks, her vocabulary, her ability to comprehend, her sense of humor, her love for her new baby brother, it just keeps changing and growing. We are so in love with this little girl!

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Here are some things I am finding myself repeating A LOT lately to Nora:

** "Nora, how do you ask for something?" To which she replies, "Please" but rarely says "Please" of her own accord.

** "Nora, be careful."

** "Don't kick your brother."

** "Nora, be gentle. He's very little."

** "Don't touch his eyes."

** "Nora, can you bring this to the garbage for Momma?"

** "Nora, that's not garbage, so please bring it to Momma."

Nora is a GREAT big sister and loves to help me care for Liam. She is adjusting so well, much better than I anticipated. I am so thankful to the Lord for his graciousness in this area. It is not easy caring for two children of such young ages, but He is faithful!

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Anonymous said...

Get used to will be repeating these same statements for at least the next year. I'm thinking of putting them on tape, so I just have to push a button. A few others you may add to your list: "Don't sit on your sister/brother.", "Ew, don't lick the car!", and "If you don't want something, just say No don't need to scream and throw it on the floor."

Love you!