Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Well, we've maded to the two week mark. For whatever reason, the first two weeks seemed liked the roughest to me in my memories of Nora's newborn days. I am glad to be to this point, but I do feel like the sleep deprivation is hitting me. I'm feeling more tired these days and a bit more weepy (which is most likely a mix of hormones and being so tired). However, I am trying to cling to the Lord's promises and in the strength He provides. I am also trying to cherish these moments with my two precious babies.

Liam went to the dr. today for a quick weight check. Ideally, newborns are to regain their birth weight by two weeks old. Liam Piper did not disappoint! He weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz., which is about 4 oz. more than his birth weight. It appears that he is eating well, so no worries!

Besides eating and pooping and pooping and pooping, Liam has been busy this second week of life. My sister, Emily, came down from Brooklyn for a visit. It was her first trip to Knoxville ever, and even though I didn't get to show her any sites besides the four walls of my house and my front yard, she had a great time visiting with us and spending some quality time with Nora and Liam. I am so glad she came! We love you, DeeDee!
Liam also lost his umbilical cord! I'm always so glad when that happens because it makes diaper changes so much easier. Also, I feel like I am sorta getting the hang of the diaper changes for a boy thing. We haven't had nearly as many "episodes" this past week, so the amount of laundry is a little more normal.

As far as Nora goes, she has had an eventful past week as well. First of all, she had her first major fall at the playground one night and busted her head on the concrete. She has hit the same spot several times already in falls around the house, but this one involved a brush burn. Poor baby. She also got her first "car" (see previous post), and she went on her first boat ride with Granna and Granddaddy over the weekend. She loved it!

Here is a picture of my two week old little man and my 21 month old maniac. They are so loved by their Momma and Daddy.

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