Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here is a reenactment of a recent conversation with Nora:

Nora, walking into the kitchen with her hands extended: "Momma, hands!"
Me, bending down and touching her hands to see what the fuss is about: "Nora, why are your hands wet?"
Nora: "Hands."
Me: "Nora, how did your hands get wet? Can you show me where you found water?"
...I follow Nora, jabbering away, into--you guessed it--the bathroom.
Nora, walking to the toilet: "Water, Momma."

Yes, I apparently needed to assess the situation and learn two things:
1. Casey, you need to watch your almost two-year-old more closely.
2. Casey, you need to put the toilet seat down in the bathroom.

Did I apply this wisdom? Nope. The same situation happened again the next day.
Needless to say, Jonathan and I are now on the lookout for hand washing in the toilet. And we are striving to remember to put the seat down! Yucko!

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