Monday, July 13, 2009

Backseat Driver

Yesterday morning, as we were pulling out of our neighborhood on our way to church, a car came driving down the hill at an alarming speed. Unsure if Jonathan saw the approaching car, I (in my always eager way to help out my husband) screamed, "Watch out!" I truly wasn't trying to take over the wheel, I wasn't trying to control his wonderful driving. I was just genuinely concerned that this overzealous car was going to slam into the side of us, squishing me and my Nora. Disaster was avoided as Jonathan, who saw the car the whole time, stopped and let the maniac go on his way.

However, someone in the car was paying attention, very close attention. I cannot tell you how many times on the way to church after that "incident" that Nora screamed out, "Watch out!" "Watch out, car!" Jonathan and I just giggled, realizing once again how everything little thing that comes out of our mouths is fair game for observation and repetition from Nora. She even remembered her new phrase last night as she and Jonathan went to the grocery store together. What have we gotten ourselves into? What have I done!? HAHA!

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