Saturday, July 11, 2009


I don't know about you, but I told Jonathan this morning that I officially have the itch to travel. His face lit up and said, "Me too!" I don't know what it is. Maybe that it's the middle of summer and everyone seems to be planning a vacation or trip to the beach. Maybe it's because I have been home bound for most of the past two months and the cabin fever is really kicking in. Maybe it's because we are finally in a really good groove with two kiddos and my courage is starting to resurface. Who knows!

Now, if we could just find a beach that is, say, a forty-five minute drive away? Know of any?

I said I wanted a vacation. I never said I wanted to drive in the car all day to have one!

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Jessica said...

Maybe it's that you already have the itch to come see us :-)!!