Monday, July 6, 2009

July Fourth!

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend! Jonathan was off of work on Friday, so we got to enjoy three days with him uninterrupted. We spent all day Friday and Saturday at Jonathan's folks' house visiting with his cousin James, his wife Joan, and their two teenage boys Will and Eric. James and Joan are from Crystal Springs, MS, just outside of Jackson, so they had a long drive to get all the way up here to Knoxville. We hadn't seen then since Thanksgiving, so we were so excited to get to see them and spend some good quality time with them. We really had a lazy and relaxing weekend...lots of eating, hanging out by the pool, boat rides, naps, and even a neighborhood cookout. It was a great time!

On Friday morning, I woke up with the WORST crick in my neck ever. Now, I have had the occasional crick, but this was unlike anything I have ever felt in my entire life. It was in my neck, my shoulder and down into the middle of my back. My entire left side was so stiff that I could hardly hold Liam to nurse him. As a result, I didn't do much on Friday but lounge around, but Jonathan took Will and Eric out in the boat on the lake and the boys all wake boarded. It has been over five years since Jonathan has gotten to do that, and he got up the first time! He had a blast, but was super sore all day Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we headed over to the Bradshaws after breakfast. Jonathan and Nora hit up the pool early, Liam napped, and I lounged around on the patio with Ms. Joyce and Joan. The Bradshaws next door neighbors hosted a neighborhood July 4th cookout with food and music and fun for the kids. We went over for a little while, but it was really hot and humid, so we didn't stay too long. Instead, we all got on our swimsuits and swam in the pool. We grilled out and had a delicious spread for supper before heading home to put the kids (and ourselves) into bed before the fireworks really got started. Yep, we slept through the July 4th fireworks. What can I say, we're parents of two small children. We were pooped!

Liam hanging out on the patio
Jonathan and Nora enjoying a snack

After swimming, making potato salad

Liam napping

Will, James & Joan

Mr. Paul on the grill

Nora does this in public, often. We're working on it!

Big Girl at the party

Liam and Momma

Nora and Ty petting a puppy

Liam napping through the party

Kisses for Daddy

Playing in the bouncy thingy


More napping. Aren't they sweet?

Ty came over to tell us that they were "serving" and that we were welcome to come on over.

Lunch on the patio

James getting some R&R

Daddy & Nora

Baby Feet...they make me happy.

Our own little firecracker.


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