Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Monday

I'm feeling full of randomness today, so I thought I'd share a bit of what's going on with us:

Meet Carter.

Isn't he beautiful?

Carter came into the world this morning in New Orleans, LA. Carter Edison Maltzahn is the new baby boy of one of my best, dearest, oldest friends, Stephanie. Steph and I go way back. Her daughter, Lydia Grace, is just two weeks younger than Nora. And now, her baby boy, Carter, is just three months younger than Liam. I love them so much and am so sad that I haven't been able to be there with the family as they are welcoming Carter to the world. My next visit home to NOLA can't come soon enough!

Ok, here's another one. You ready?

Meet Liam.

No, this isn't another Benjamin Button freak show. This is Liam Walter Roberts. He is the son of ANOTHER dear, best, old friend named Hope. Now, see if you can follow this craziness. Remember my friend, Steph? Hope is married to Steph's little brother, Kurt. So Liam is Steph's nephew and the cousin to little Carter. These baby boys are less than a week apart. Sweet, close cousins that will be like brothers, I'm sure! What a blessed family. Can't wait to squeeze him, too, and to introduce the two Liams to each other.

I am currently addicted to at least three things: Banana Nut Cheerios. Coconut Creme coffee creamer by CoffeeMate. Delta Blues Bluebell ice cream. Seriously, addicted. My morning starts with the deliciousness of Coconut Creme in my coffee, followed by a wonderful bowl of cereal, and somewhere throughout the day, I savor a small serving of the Delta Blues ice cream. Creamy ice cream. Blueberries. Blueberry sauce. Pie crust pieces. So good.

I am terrible with plants. I kill them without any effort. Or, with much effort, really. If I forget about them, they die. If I try to be a good steward of my plants, I tend to care too much, and they die all the more. Funny, but true story: A few months after Jonathan and I were married, we noticed that mosquitoes were becoming frequent visitors in our townhouse. I mean, New Orleans has its unfair share of mosquitoes and occasionally some will get inside, but we were having mosquitoes in the house a lot. Then, they started swarming in the house. Where were they coming from!? Come to find out, I was so overwatering our ficus trees that didn't have proper drainage in the pots, that the mosquitoes were nesting in the trees/pots! I mean, who does that!? Me, apparently. I say this because I'm feeling guilty about a plant that Jonathan is trying to save from the "Black Thumb of Casey." It's a wonderful plant my mom gave us when Liam was born, and thanks to Jonathan, I think there might be some hope.

Nora thinks life is a musical. Seriously, the girl sings And I love it! I love music and I love to sing, so we frequently burst into song in this house. However, I have recently come to the realization that Nora will one day realize that life, indeed, is NOT a musical. That day will make me very sad. Why can't they stay so young and innocent and unaware of things that aren't cool? I'm going to try to keep her singing as long as I possibly can.

I have recently starting recycling. I bought a laundry-type basket to keep in the garage, and I have been collecting all of the plastic, glass, aluminum things we consume and drop them off occasionally at a recycling center not far from our house. The recycling center is really cool because you can just go to one spot and they have bins for everything. Even Goodwill and paper products. You would be amazed at how much stuff is recyclable (tough word to say and type). It's pretty unbelievable how much stuff I was throwing away that can be recycled. Now, it's like an obsession I have....just ask my husband. Oh, and Nora's in on it too. She gets a thrill out of bringing stuff to the basket. Train 'em young!

Nora has suddenly started shunning milk. Within the past two weeks, she has been drinking less and less of her whole milk which I typically offer her with her meals. This is so weird to me because for the past two years, milk has been THE staple in her diet. When I think about it, it makes sense. She eats more food, so the milk isn't a necessity by any means. But, it's like she's gone cold turkey. I have a theory that the thickness of the whole milk is getting to her. It gets to me. I want to yack when I drink the stuff because it coats my throat it is so thick. She's been drinking lots more water and diluted juice, especially since it's so hot outside. We go to the doctor in a few weeks, so I'll ask then how important milk still is at this point.

Liam Piper. I must talk about my chunker boy! He is the sweetest, happiest little baby. He really only fusses when he is hungry and sleepy. Other than that, he is so content! Hard to believe that he'll be 4 months in just a few weeks. He isn't really doing too many tricks yet, but he coos and talks all the time, he laughs out loud, and he LOVES his hands and his burp cloth. I know, it's kinda funny. He is a spitter and drooler, so after feedings, if he's not being held, he's usually playing on a blanket or on his playmat or in his bouncy seat. So, I try to keep a burp cloth under his chin so he won't soak his outfit. This rarely works, by the way, because he LOVES the burp cloth. He hugs it. It's really so cute. But, I got to thinking that he could really use a lovie or something sweet and soft to cuddle, not a smelly ole burp cloth. I bought him one the other day, but he's only been able to use it about two times because his big sissy girl keeps taking it from him as her own.

Ok, enough of this nonsense.

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Claire said...

Wow...that IS quite a random post! I love that Nora loves to sing so great. How old is she? You might could go to 2% milk and see if that helps. I can't even handle 2% it's too thick for me. :-)