Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gatlinburg Getaway

Well, we've been gone and now we're back! Last week, we took a much-needed family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. It was essentially a long weekend, and the best part was that we didn't have to travel too far with two kiddos! We invited our good friends, The Townsends, to join us, so we rented a cabin not far off of the Gatlinburg "strip" and had a wonderful time together!

Here's the view from Jonathan and I's bedroom! It was so peaceful and quiet on top of this mountain. Believe me....we were waaaayyyyy up there.

Liam slept in the pack'n'play in our bathroom. He slept like a baby...literally! He slept so great! Here he is one morning as I went to get him up. Notice that he has a major mosquito bite on his forehead. Poor baby got attacked our first night there.

Think he's teething?

Robert, Nora, and Layla are looking out of a front window where a HUGE garden spider had a humongous and beautiful web. We watched this spider constantly! She would catch moths, beetles, and lots of other insects. We'd watch her catch them, move them all across the web, eat them, move them again. It was so weird and so gross.

Our first full day in Gatlinburg, we packed a picnic and headed to the Smoky Mountain National Park. We had thought about driving through Cade's Cove, but by the time we ate breakfast, got the whole crew ready, made lunches, drove to the park....yeah, we had about 2 hours before naptime. We decided to enjoy a picnic and found a nature trail which the girls LOVED! It was great. The weather was beautiful and we were just so happy to be away and enjoying God's beautiful creation.

Such a precious picture of two wonderful fathers and two adorable girlies.

Liam really enjoyed his first hike. Out like a light!

The guys really enjoyed playing this video game thingy!

Nora playing pool with Layla.

The second day we were there, we went for breakfast at the Pancake Pantry. Oh. dear. Delicious! I got the French Toast. I know, I am a rebel. But, let me tell you. SO GOOD. Jonathan got the pigs in a blanket. Nora got "Bears in the Snow." (Kiddie pancakes in the shape of bears with powdered sugar sprinkled on top). We devoured our breakfast! Ummmm.mmmm. I want some right now.

After breakfast, we spent the day at Dollywood. We had such a great time and the girls loved riding the carousel and all the kiddie rides. Jonathan and I even got to ride a few rides and a roller coaster together. Thanks, Robert and Amy!

Here is a picture of my two babies in the car ready to hit the road.

Robert, the Navigator. Cute and hip Amy in the background.

Saturday, we decided to go to the aquarium. We had a great time. However, it was raining torrentially in the area, so I think everyone other tourist in Gatlinburg was at the aquarium. Not to mention, it was Saturday, so things are naturally more crowded then. The girls had a good time, but I don't think they are at the prime age to appreciate everything the aquarium has to offer. I think it may have all looked the same to them.

A view of the outside of our cabin. It was beautiful!

We are so blessed to be able to take a vacation with our family and friends. I appreciate my husband so much for making this happen. I had such a relaxing time (as relaxing as things can be with two babies, two and under). Jonathan was such a help to me and anticipated ways to serve me and the kids. We had a wonderful time fellowshipping with the Townsend fam. They are so funny and such great friends!

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