Monday, November 30, 2009

Buckle Up, Please. The Roads Are No Longer Safe

I was taking some pics off of my point-and-shoot camera (FINALLY), and found some funny videos of Nora "driving" a jeep that my in-laws bought for her a month or so ago. They found this little car on Craig's List, spruced it up, decorated it with a few girly stickers, and surprised Nora with her very own ride. Although, Liam will probably be behind the wheel much more than her, especially with this girl's awful driving skills!

This is when Nora first sees the car and tried driving it for the first time:

This is a bit later when we took her outside to give it a try:

This little girl is adored by her grandparents! And she adores them in return! We love you Granna and Geegaw

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