Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great time this past weekend celebrating Halloween with some friends! We had the Townsend crew over along with our neighbors, Matt, Anne, & Dillon Walworth. We just love our neighborhood and our neighbors, especially Matt and Anne. We frequently go for walks with them in the evenings through the neighborhood, and Nora and Dillon have become great buddies over the past year. So, we were so excited to celebrate Halloween with them.

We enjoyed a big pot of chili, the kids shared a pizza, and Amy made some delicious cake balls for dessert. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as wonderful as we would have liked, and naturally, when we decided to go take the kids trick or treating, it was raining the hardest. Go figure. I think we actually ended up going to only three houses, but the kids didn't know the difference.

Dillon....get this.....was a garden gnome. It was the cutest costume! It came with pointed shoes and a beard and everything. Dillon didn't want anything to do with the beard, but he gladly sported the rest of the ensemble. I kinda think he looked like a Buddy the Elf replica or something. Absolutely adorable.

Layla came as Super Girl. She was decked out from head to toe! She's so fancy!

Nora was a ladybug. Pretty cute, and she even had some spots on her face to finish off the look.

Liam, poor baby, was a red hot chile pepper. Of course, being the mother of the year that I am (please insert sarcastic tone here), I waited until the afternoon of Halloween to try on his costume. Amy let me borrow it, and I thought that it would definitely fit. Um, no! My chunkerboy was way too long for the costume, but if I tried really hard...which I did....I could make it fit. He looked more like a stuffed pepper! He was so great about it, though. So Liam. He just kinda laid there like, "Okay, Mom, let's just get this over with." We only left him in the costume for about 15 minutes, so he was a free bird before too long. Later on, he decided to try on Mr. Robert's wig.

Oh, and Robert. Well, I will just let you look at the pictures. I am sorry. There are no words.

As always, we had a wonderful time with our friends! We are so blessed!

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