Monday, November 2, 2009


When did my girl grow up? I mean, I've been here with her every day. When did this happen?

When did she learn to put her shoes on all by herself? The socks may be crammed all up in there, but the shoes are on!?

When did she get the ability to climb on the jungle gym all the way to the top and come down the slide without me standing behind her the entire time? I don't even have to catch her at the bottom of the slide. When?

When did she become good at feeding herself with a spoon and a fork?

When did she learn to pretend? When did she learn that Baby and Bear are more than just stuffed things that accompany her to bed, but are friends? Playmates?

When did she become so caring? So intuitive? When did she take it upon herself to comfort her baby brother and bring him toys to try to bring a smile to his sweet face?

When did she start telling us she loves us unsolicited? When did she start coming up behind me to hug my neck?

When did she go from hating when Jonathan and I hugged or kissed in front of her to watching and smiling at us as if she now gets it?

When did she become so smart? So manipulative? So darn funny?

When did she change from a baby to a girl?

When did she become so independent? Insisting that she can do it, without my help, even when she can't?

When will she stop surprising us? When will the amount of love and joy and pride she brings start to level off? Will it ever?

When will watching my little girl grow up become any easier?


Tina said...

Oh Casey...this made me cry. So sweet!!

Suzanne said...

What are you doing to us??? Are you wanting us to cry?

Laura said...

Casey, so true. And that last line got me choked up. I feel the same way.