Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liam Piper: 9 Months Old

Warning: This post written by a very emotional mother who is trying to come to terms with the fact that her children are growing up way too quickly. Proceed at your own risk.

Yep. You read it correctly. Not only are the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL, but my baby boy Liam is now 9 months old! What what!? Nine months just seems old to me. He is definitely not a newborn anymore, and I just don't know how I feel about that. On one hand, he is so stinkin' adorable and fun at this age, but on the other, he's so big. I can't carry him to run into Walgreens for a measly 5 minutes without feeling like my arm is going to fall off. He's a moose! We go for a check-up on Monday so we'll get to see then just how much this chunker boy weighs.

Here are some things going on with Liam these days as a nine-month-old.

Sleep: Liam has been sleeping so well through the night the past several weeks. Since he's gotten over his last cold, we really haven't had much nighttime sleep disturbances. Thank you, Jesus! Naps are officially two times a day. He usually goes down between 9:30-10:00 and will sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Just depends on how sleepy he is and how adventurous he is feeling (more on that below). I will keep him up until his 2:30 p.m. bottle then lay him down for a nap after that which is just about the same time that Nora goes down for her nap. I am so thankful that I am getting them on the same nap schedule (for now anyway) so that I can have a little time of sanity for myself to rest, read, blog, or clean. Liam will sleep close to 2 hours for that nap, if not longer! So nice! He goes to bed around 8:30.

Food: Liam is completely on bottles these days. He has a bottle every three hours....yes, I know, every three hours. However, he only takes 4 oz. at these bottles, except his last bottle of the night where he takes 6 oz. Nora was taking 8 oz. bottles at this point, and she was eating every four hours. She drank more milk than he does, but he definitely eats more "solid" foods for his three meals than she did. This boy can EAT! For breakfast he will eat some puffs/cheerios and pieces of banana. In addition, he will have a bowl of pears or apples mixed with oatmeal. At lunch he will eat more puffs, some chunks of sweet potatoes, and a jar of a vegetable AND a jar of a fruit. His next "meal" is at 6:00, when we eat dinner, and he usually has a vegetable mixed with rice cereal, a baby jar of fruit, and some puffs or scraps of whatever we are eating.

Self-feeding: Liam has made some vast improvements in this area in the past month. As I stated above, he eats chunks of banana and sweet potato on his own, as well as his weight in puffs and cheerios. Seriously, I buy Puffs in bulk at Sam's. They are addicting, apparently. Liam seemed to have had a sensitive gag reflex that he seems to be getting better with. He rarely chokes up with pieces of food, and believe me, no one is happier about this than me. There's just something disturbing about watching your baby lose his entire meal while sitting in his high chair. (Not fun to clean up, plus you have the debate with yourself: Do I feed him all over again? Is he still hungry? Will he sleep through the night now that he doesn't have any food in his belly anymore? Where's my maid service to help clean this yucky stuff up?) So, now that I am confident in his ability to handle eating small pieces of soft foods, I am trying to slowly introduce things to him so we can expand his menu.

Mobility: Liam is everywhere! His army crawling is taking him anywhere and everywhere he wants to go. He can maneuver all over the house and tries to get into anything he is not supposed to: the fireplace, the garbage cans, outlets, CD player, etc. He is getting close to crawling on his hands and knees. Just this week he has been getting up on all fours and crawling a few steps, but inevitably he decides he's much faster on his belly so he slumps down and continues on his quest. Liam pulls up to his knees on many things, and in his crib, he can pull up to standing. Just last night we lowered his crib to the lowest level to make sure he doesn't flip out. Plus, I am secretly hoping that he will lose interest in trying to be Captain Adventure in his crib and nap longer. His naps have been interrupted lately as he stirs and then decides to play instead of going back to sleep. Tsk. Tsk. One of Liam's favorite activities these days is chasing a ball around. I can roll a ball to him and he'll go get it then push it along himself and just chase it around the floor. So cute! He can also clap, but this skill is still in the early stages. I've got to get all of these things on film!

Clothes: Liam is almost exclusively in size 12 months clothes. There are a few 9 months that we have that he'll wear, but it won't be for much longer.

Talking: His favorite word is definitely "Dada" but he can now saw "mama." As far as I can tell, he is not using them on purpose. This week Liam has started talking in "sentences." It's as if he is trying to have a conversation or relay something very important. It sounds like "di di da da ba ba di di." Although we obviously have NO clue what's going on, it's so sweet because we definitely know he is trying to express himself. Also, Liam's little personality is coming out and he can be QUITE opinionated sometimes. QUITE the temper! Jonathan and I both agree that he'll be stubborn and determined which will most likely result in many disciplines in coming months. Oh, boy!

Well, there it is folks. My baby is practically a grown man. I'm very upset.

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