Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Mother's Reflections from Lunch at Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a is one of the only "fast foods" we eat these days. If we are going to do something "fast," typically that's where we end up because (A) Jonathan believes it's the best thing since sliced bread, (B) Nora thinks it's the best thing since frozen waffles, and (C) I think they make the best milkshakes in the world.

Anyway, today I had to run a few errands with the kids, so to liven up our day, I decided we would eat lunch at CFA. Me. Nora. Liam. Just us three.

Now, this may be a surprise, but I've never done this before. Usually if I go to CFA during the week it's to meet up with someone to visit and eat and socialize. In fact, I don't know that I've ever gone out to eat lunch with just me and the kids. If it's just us, we usually just stay at home. I would say that before today my reasoning for just staying at home is to save money, but I now have other reasons why I don't go just us.

Here are some of the thoughts running through my mind while we were eating:

- "Okay, I made it inside with both kids. What to do, what to do? Order with both of them with me or get them situated in high chairs and then order? Hmph. Wouldn't look too good to leave the kids in high chairs ALONE at the table while I order. Take them with me."

- "What to order, what to order? Baby in arms, toddler hanging on my jacket....the less food to carry the better. We'll just split a combo meal."

- "Thank you, LORD, the man who took our order sees that I desperately need help getting myself, two kids, my monstrous and apparently dumb-bell filled diaper bag to a table, not to mention a tray of food."

- "We'll just get in this here booth. Nora can just sit in the booth next to me and Liam can sit in a high chair. That'll make things less chaotic." (WRONG)

- "Climb in, Nora, I'm about to drop your brother on his head."

- "Seriously, climb in, Nora."

- "Dear God, please let this high chair be somewhat sanitized. Amen."

- "I am so thankful for these cute little place mats. Here Liam, stuff yourself with some Puffs while I try to get your sister her lunch."

- "Scoot over, Nora."

- "Dang it. No knife to cut up these nuggets."

- "Man, I love the people at CFA who are so helpful. Thanks for the knife. And ketchup."

- "These nuggets are cold. I bet they are left over from the chicken mini giveaway this morning. Hmmmm."

- "So thankful for sweet tea."

- "Why does Nora keep rubbing her fingers on my jacket?"

- "We will not eat pieces of nuggets that have fallen on the booth seat. Man down, nugget, man down."

- "Turn around Nora."

- "Don't touch that lady's hat! They are trying to eat their lunch in peace."

- "Why do I have Chick-fil-a sauce all over my arm?"

- "Sanitize, sanitize, everybody everywhere!"

In all seriousness, we really had a great little lunch. Things were just a bit more hectic than normal. It makes me thankful for a husband who helps so much and for friends who have kids who just know what to do to lend a hand or keep an eye on a kid in a high chair so I can get up for a straw.

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