Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quite the Imagination

I absolutely LOVE Nora's imagination these days. It seems that every day she is growing more and more creative and clever, coming up with all sorts of new ideas. Her ability to imagine and pretend are improving, even though she is quite a literal little girl. She is enjoying playing pretend with her dolls and stuffed animals, especially her Baby Alive doll, Molly, that she got for Christmas.

One of the funniest aspects of her imagination has to do with what we assume are her imaginary friends!? Dare I say that!? Nora often talks about two "characters" named Sissy and Coco. She came up with these two "people" sometime after Thanksgiving while we were in New Orleans visiting my family. She talked about them pretty consistently for a while, but just when we think she's forgotten completely about Sissy and Coco, she brings them up again. Absolutely unsolicited.

Whenever the topic of Sissy and Coco come up, we try to ask lots of questions so we can figure out who they are:

Where are Sissy and Coco?

At their house.

Is Sissy a girl or a boy?

A girl.

Is Coco a girl or a boy
A boy.

In an attempt to see if the answers change, we ask again:
Where are Sissy and Coco?
At work.

Where do they work?

At Knoxville.

What do they do at their work?

They watch people. At the hospital.
They work at the airport.

What do they do at the airport?

They fly.

In the past several weeks, things have definitely evolved. I started this post in the beginning of February but didn't get around to publishing it and actually forgot about it. Life with Coco and Sissy are much busier! They come around more often, and whereas before Jonathan and I weren't convinced that these two were actual imaginary friends, now we are pretty certain that they are. In fact, I overheard Nora talking to Sissy the other day and looked over just in time to see Nora giving Coco a "hug."

Ms. Joyce (Granna) told me last week that one day while she was keeping the kids for me, Nora played for about 15 minutes with her "friends" just as happy as can be. I've not seen her do that, but she does continue to bring them up and has gotten better about answering our questions about the whereabouts and happenings of these two people.

We really can't think of where she may have gotten the idea of Sissy and Coco. Nothing seems to have been a trigger, but I will say that she comes by it honest. Jonathan had three imaginary friends when he was a little boy. I think it is adorable and shows how creative she really is! I'll keep you posted on how things change and adapt with Nora and her gang!

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