Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting in Shape

I am so proud of my hubby! For the past several months, he has been training for his first half marathon! He has loved running for as long as I have known him, but between years of intense school and a busy work schedule, his love for running and his dream for completing a half and full marathon have had to go to the wayside! However, he has finally found the time to train for this huge and long race. This past Sunday, he ran 10 miles! Isn't that awesome. The big race is only about three weeks away, so I'll keep you posted on how the big day goes.

In the meantime, please pray for his safety as he trains. I had no idea how hard running can be on the human body. Injuries are super common. Knee injuries, fractures, feet issues, etc., are all things that he can encounter that will prevent him from running and that could even become permanent problems. Just last night we were talking with our next door neighbor Anne, who is also a runner and in training for the half marathon. She has pulled a muscle in her thigh and has a rotator cuff problem that are both results of running. She is undergoing physical therapy for the next few days that will determine whether or not she can resume training for the race in just a few weeks. Talking to her made me realize that Jonathan could very easily hurt himself, so I am praying that he won't and that he will be able to continue training without much pain. He loves to run, so I pray he is able to listen to his body!

In other news, I am trying to be inspired by all of this exercising that is taking place around me. A few months ago, I promised Jonathan that when the weather warmed up that I would start training for a 5k. That's 3.1 miles! I am NOT a runner. I repeat, I AM NOT A RUNNER! I don't like pain. I don't like the burning sensation that you get in your lungs and in your legs and in your side. I don't like to sweat, really. So, for many years running and I have not been friends. However, since running is something my husband loves, I figured I would at least give it a try so that maybe I will start to like running as well and it can turn into something we do together.

OH, that reminds me. Our first year of marriage, Jonathan and I ran a 5k together (this was right after our wedding for which I was in good shape and used to work out at the healthplex at our college, so I COULD run 3.1 miles. Now, almost 6 years and two babies later, I ain't no runner!). The school I was teaching at at the time hosted a race every year, so we ran that one. I finished the race and even won a TROPHY! I got second place in my age range. Isn't that impressive? (I think there were only like 7 people in my age range that participated). Jonathan also got a trophy that day!

Okay, enough reminiscing. Back to my training and the 5k. I have decided to follow a program called Couch to 5k. It's supposed to be fairly simple and a real relaxed training program. I'm not necessarily a couch potato, but I promise you that I am NOT in shape at all. There are three training days a week for nine weeks. Yesterday I chose the 5k that I am going to run, and it will be on Saturday, May 29th. If I take 9 weeks to train, then that means I have to start training no later than March 27th.

I hope the weather has warmed up by then!

By the way, the race I am going to do is The Tennessee Sports Medicine 5K.

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Elizabeth said...

I did the couch potato to 5k plan last spring and loved it! I am NOT a runner either. In fact, I hated it. But that plan was perfect for me and no one was more shocked than me that I was able to run 30 mins at a time when I finished. Then I got pregnant and felt too sick to ever run my 5k, but I have great dreams of starting the plan over this summer! Good luck!