Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party Time

My momma came up this past weekend and stayed for a few days while she was off for her Mardi Gras break. Yes, down in New Orleans the schools close and everyone gets off for a few days to celebrate Mardi Gras! Isn't that nice!?

While she was here, my momma bought Nora her first tea set. I've been wanting to get one for Nora for a while now because she has been showing interest in them, especially her Aunt Mamie's very special tea set from India. However, since Amy's is fancy, Nora can't really play with it like she wants, so now she has one that have a wonderful time with. To break in the new set, we had ourselves a spot of tea together. It was a blast!

Here's Nora a bit unsure of what's about to happen. Nana wasn't up for pretending to have tea. We were having the real deal: hot chocolate, cream, sugar, and cookies.

She was so excited to be having "tea" together.

This is my absolute favorite.

Using her "mackin"

We had a wonderful tea time with you, Nana. Thanks for the tea set! I'm sure we'll have plenty more tea parties really soon. What precious memories we had during your visit! We love you!

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Tina said...

I "heart" this! I especially love all of your little action shots! :)