Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring is in the air, and even though all of our sinuses are revolting, we just LOVE being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather this time of year.  It won't be long before it is so hot and humid that we'll be forced to stay indoors, so we are spending lots of time outside while we can!

Nora showing Liam how to "drive"

I love this one.  Looks like he's stuck in traffic.

"C'mon, people, what's the hold-up!?"

Afternoon snack: grapes on the vine.

Yesterday, we were rained in and spent the day indoors.  Poor Liam is particularly having an allergy spell, so it was probably best for him that we weren't able to be out.  Hopefully, the rain washed away a lot of pollen.

Can't believe this boy is almost ONE!

We are so blessed to have wonderful next door neighbors, Matt and Anne.  Matt is a physicist and Anne is a school counselor, and they have one of the most precious little boys named Dillon.  Dillon turned 2 in February, and he and Nora are such good buddies!  They play together so well, like better than Nora plays with any of her other friends.  I'm guessing it's because one's a girl and one's a boy.  None of the cattiness and territorial issues that seem to arise in girls even at such a young age. 

We spend lots of time with Matt, Anne, and Dillon.  We often share supper together, meet up for neighborhood walks, play at the playground, or just throw a Frisbee or ball together in the front yard.  Seriously, we love this family and plan to take them with us if we ever leave this house.

Here is Nora mowing our lawn with Dillon's mower.

We gave Dillon his first ice cream cone the other night.  Big hit!

I have so much blogging to do to catch up over the past several weeks (er...months), so I will try to post more of what's happening in the life of the Bradshaws soon!  Thanks for reading!

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