Thursday, May 27, 2010

NYC: Day Four

On Monday, our fourth day in NYC, my sister Emily graduated from The Pratt Institute.  For the past three years or so, she's been working on her degree in English Writing with an emphasis in poetry, and while we were planning our trip, we realized that we could plan things so that we could actually attend her graduation.  Since she's been in New York, we've not been able to come and visit, so I wanted to be sure to be up there for her big day since she's not sure how much longer she'll be living in New York.  Anyway, her graduation ceremony was at Radio City Music Hall!  (How many people can say that?)

We woke up, got dressed, grabbed some breakfast and then raced to make our way in line at RCMH.  My dad got there first to be sure we got some decent seats, and he said the line was about 5 blocks long!  Thankfully, he got there at a good time, and we had wonderful seats.  Radio City Music Hall is gorgeous!  It's like something out of the movies!  I didn't take but a few pictures, but the place is just so regal and reminded me of Old Hollywood!

Now we all know that graduations are not the funnest things in the world, but I would say that for a graduation, this one was pretty cool.  The whole name calling thing took FOREVER, but all in all, it was pretty cool.  The Pratt Institute gives out several honorary degrees at their graduations, and so they gave out about 6-7 to some pretty reputable people, and each honoree gave a speech!  I don't remember  all the people that got degrees, but of the people that received them was director/Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh who directed several movies including Erin Brockovich and the Ocean Eleven movies.  (He was really funny!)  Also, singer/songwriter/poet Patti Smith was awarded one, and she gave the commencement address.  To be honest, I had no idea who she was, but we were googling her during the ceremony and found out who she was....and seriously, she looks like she never left the 60s.  She is such a hippy, but it was really cool to hear her tell her story and sing several songs!  Oh, and one other guy that was honored is the architect whose bid was selected for the new building designs for the World Trade Center towers.  It was cool!

Patti Smith!

After the graduation ceremony, my parents, my sisters, and Jonathan and I went out to eat at Morton's Steak House!  We had such a fun time together.  We got to the restaurant around 2:30, and needless to say there was NO ONE there.  I teased Emily and told her that we had the restaurant completely rented out in her honor so we could have a private celebration.  We toasted her with some champagne and had a great time spending time together as a family, which is a really rare opportunity these days!  I didn't realize how much I had missed my family until we were all together!

Waiting for Emily to meet up with us.  We got bored, so we decided to do some "photo shoots."

Normal, happy self

New York business man, waiting impatiently for a client.
You're Fired!  (The Donald)
All of our feet in a picture
Here she comes!
The Graduate!

Family Pics!

After lunch, we were all EXHAUSTED, so we went to our hotels and took a little nap.  However, Jonathan wouldn't sit still too long, so we got out and about and wondered around.  We ventured over to Rockefeller Center and went to the Top of the Rock!  Also, we got tickets to get a tour of the NBC studios on Wednesday.

Around 7 pm, we met my folks at their hotel and then took the subway over to Union Station, which is where the movie theaters are.  We all went to a movie together!  We saw a movie called Death at a Funeral (or something like that) that had Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence in it.  It was one of the only movies there that somebody in our group had not already seen.  I hadn't been to a movie in a while, so it was relaxing and fun.

That's about it for Day Four.  It was probably one of the slowest paced days we had while there, which was great!  Just the kind of day we needed!

Day Five to come:  Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty!

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