Monday, May 24, 2010

NYC: Day Three

Sunday morning we woke up and got dressed so that we could meet up with my family and head over to the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  We planned to go to the 12:00 noon service, but apparently you need to be there about 1.5 hours before it begins, so we got there early.  We ate breakfast at a little diner next door to the church with my mom, dad, and sisters.  My dad seriously thinks diners are the best (ahem, greasiest) places on earth.  I think the combo of going to TBT, having all of his girls and his favorite son-in-law with him, and breakfast at a diner made him the happiest person on earth that day.

Church was wonderful.  I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside the building, so I don't have any to share, but the choir is phenomenal and the pastor, Jim Cymbala, was an incredible speaker.  He has such a heart for the city and for outreach.  It was great, and everyone was so warm and welcoming there.  I got a ton of hugs from complete strangers!

After church, we took cabs to my sister's new apartment in Brooklyn.  That's when we met Fernando.  He was our cabbie from the Brooklyn Tabernacle to my sister's place in Buschwick.  Apparently, Emily and Fernando are neighbors because he lives just a few blocks from her, and since they were neighbors, that instantly made us BFF.  He taught us all about cab driving and gave us a tour the whole way.  I felt like I was on one of those double-decker bus tours that are all over NYC.  He was hilarious! And just the sweetest man ever.

 We saw Em's place, which is tiny!!!!  After that, Jonathan and I decided to head our separate way.  We were hoping to find some half-price Broadway show tickets for that night, so we headed to the South Seaport where there's a place you can get them.   Once we got back over to Manhattan, I was STARVING, and for some reason, I just had to have a slice of pizza.  So, that was my mission.  I found some random little pizzeria and devoured a slice of NY style cheese pizza, and although it was probably no different than a slice of Sbarro that you'd find at any mall, it was great.

We attempted to find the half-price ticket booth, but we missed it because they closed just about 20 minutes before we arrived.  Instead, we explored the South Seaport for a while.  

It was wonderful!  The weather was just perfect which made strolling around and sight-seeing a dream.  As we were heading out of there, Jonathan got hungry and decided that he needed to have at least one hot dog from a street vendor while we were there.  Yum Yum!

Next on my list was Soho!  I wanted to walk through there and see what all the buzz was about.  Soho is one of my mom's and my sister's favorite spots in NYC, so I dragged JB with me.  Again, the weather was just superb, so we window shopped, walked in and out of several stores that were appealing to us: Crate and Barrel, CB2, H&M, and many others.  There were lots of big name stores in the area like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more, but who has money to spend in stores like that? Not us!

As it got closer to dinner time, we realized that if we wanted to make our dinner reservations we were going to have to leave Soho.  We were having such a great time, that we decided we would cancel and just continue walking around and decide on dinner when we got hungry.

THEN, I had a great idea.  I thought that we should walk over to Little Italy again (because it was only a few blocks away......really, this wasn't another Empire State Building walk or anything).  So, when we finished shopping, we made our way to Little Italy.

UGHHH!  Favorite part of the trip.

They completely block the streets off around supper time and all the restaurants that line the main street open their doors and have tables outside.  As you walk through Little Italy you are engulfed with such wonderful aromas and such a feeling of romance.  We decided on a restaurant that had seating available outside.  We ordered a bottle of white wine, and sat in the beautiful evening air and talked and people-watched while we waited for our food.  It was such a great night!  We both had an amazing time.  I ordered cheese ravioli and Jonathan had the chicken Parmesan and we shared a Caesar salad.  It was great!

After dinner, the sun had gone down, and everything was lit up!  We walked the main street of Little Italy and found some gelato to snack on while we made our way back to the subway!  It was a perfect night!  And we were not at all sorry that we had cancelled our reservations for another restaurant!  It was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!

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