Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flashback: Nana's Visit

A few weeks ago, my Momma came to visit for a few days! We LOVE when my mom comes. She and Nora are two peas in a pod, and Nora just loves to have her around. My mom got in on a Wednesday and left on that following Sunday morning, so we had her for a good while. My mom is a school teacher, so when she visits during the school year we have to plan long weekends or around her holidays. As a result, those visits tend to be shorter than we'd like. But, in the summer, we have more time with Nana!

Nana always brings special books for Nora. I think this is because (A) Nora loves to read, (B) my mom is a teacher, and (C) Nora loves when she and my mom just sit and read books in her room. Seriously, they'll be in there for hours. Both as happy as clams!

While she was here we did some shopping and some running around town, but on Saturday, we had a little adventure down to Market Square. Jonathan stayed home with Liam while he took his morning nap, while Nora, Momma and I headed down to the Farmer's Market. Market Square is one of Nana's favorite places in Knoxville. She loves the store Abode and insists on going there every time we're down that way, plus I've been telling her about Coolato Gelato (have you tried it yet?). My mother is officially obsessed with gelato, so she's been dying to go down there. Oh, and every time she is in town, she MUST stop for cupcakes at The Cupcakery. It can be dangerous having her around! Oh well, we'll suffer!

Around lunchtime, the boys met up with us for lunch at Tomato Head. Then, we headed to the fountains so Nora could run around in her swimsuit and cool off from the heat. While she played, Nana and I ran to Coolato Gelato and brought some back for everyone. We left to make it home for naptime! It was a great time!

Here are some pics (the few I remembered to take) of our time down there!

My momma left early Sunday morning, just after Nora woke up. Liam was asleep as we walked her to her car. The sweetest/saddest thing was when Nora kept telling her that she needed her and needed to hold her so that Nana wouldn't leave. I think we were all tearing up over that. It won't be too much longer until we see Nana again. The kids and I will be going to New Orleans for a visit toward the end of July! Can't wait!

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