Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was so blessed to go on a girls' getaway for a few days to Seagrove Beach, Fl. There were four of us: me, my precious sister-in-law Amy, and two of my best girl friends Amy T. and Johanna. Johanna's husband actually arranged the trip for us girls as a birthday/you-are-mom-of-the-year gift for her! To make things better, the condo we stayed in belongs to some friends of theirs, so we got to stay there for a steal! To top all of this off, we were all very blessed to have husbands who really wanted us to go to have a great time of fun and fellowship, and they were more than willing to stay behind with our kiddos while we did! (I am one blessed woman!)

Since we had a death in the family last week, we had to make a last minute trip down to Jackson, MS, to attend our sweet Aunt Hazel's funeral. After the funeral, Amy and I drove from Jackson to Seagrove Beach to meet up with Amy T. and Johanna and Johanna's 9 month old baby girl, Delia (I forgot to mention that indeed there were 5 of us, not 4!) We had the most relaxing few days enjoying the beautiful beach just south of Destin. We were literally about 1/2 mile from Seaside and Water Color, which are two of the most heavenly places that I've seen in that area. It was such a family-oriented place, and even the beach was not overly crowded or over-flowing with wild and crazy beach-goers.

One morning, Amy T., Johanna, Delia, and I went exploring on a bike ride, riding through the residential area of Water Color. The houses there are so amazingly beautiful with great architecture and design! Ugh! LOVE IT! Johanna told me to bring my camera, but I wasn't able to snap pics of the houses as we rode around because I am not all that confident of my ability to ride and photograph at the same time. Not to mention, it was hotter than the sun out there!
We went out to dinner at a restaurant called The Red Bar! We were able to sit outside and enjoy some delicious fresh seafood. I got the blackened grouper!

About to head out to dinner!


We also spent quite a good bit of time in the little town square of Seaside. There are lots of adorable little shops, boutiques, antique shops, ice cream places, and even a snowball stand! I insisted that we all get snowballs at some point, and even though they were no Sal's Snoballs, they actually really, really good!

We didn't want to eat out all of the time, so we ate all of our lunches in the condo, kept our breakfasts pretty simple, and cooked in a bit.  Amy B. had a recipe for some delicious breakfast sandwiches that consisted of Sister Schubert rolls, ham, swiss cheese, and this poppyseed/dijon mustard/butter spread.  Heated in the oven for 30 minutes.  Oh dear!
Here we are standing around waiting to dive in to them!  Can you tell we're tired?  We had stayed up until 12:30 am talking!  Fun times.

Also, Johanna made us homemade fettucine alfredo one night with fresh shrimp and chicken!  YUM!

Of course, you can't go to Destin without hitting up the outlet malls, so our last night there we gals decided to do some shopping. I got a skirt and a few shirts, a nightgown for Nora, and some clothes for Liam and Jonathan. While shopping, the sky started to fall, but it was really the only rain we had to deal with our entire trip!

We had such a great time. I got to relax, read an entire book!!!!, visit with some of my best friends in the world, and have wonderful conversations. I was so refreshed and ready to see my family (in a good way)!

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Love it! Can't believe we were there a week ago today. miss you all!jo