Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback: iPhone Photos

I am so glad that I have an iPhone. There are so many reasons I love that thing--the calendar, the apps, the iPod, the pure genius of all things Apple--but one of the greatest things is the little camera that is in the phone. So many times I leave home without my camera and fail to capture some priceless photos of my two precious babes. However, sometimes I do remember to whip out my phone for some great memories! I just synched my phone for the first time in at least a month and pulled off some great pics taken mostly by me, but some are even by Nora. (She's just learned to use the camera, and I'll hear her say, "Say cheese, Momma." I turn around to see her attempting to take my picture with my phone that she found who knows where. I cleared off at least 30 pictures of blurred nothingness that she took just this week. Ahhh, budding photographer!). Anyway, I apologize for the quality of some of these, but what you see is what you get. Moving children make for blurriness, what can I say?!

This is just purely pitiful. Not sure what was going on, but I think it might be the end of Liam's world as he knows it.

Oh, the drama!

Moving on....

This is my beautiful baby sister, Hillary, the night of her prom.  I didn't actually take this one, but my Dad sent it to me on my phone.  Isn't she gorgeous!?

The day before Jonathan and I left for NYC, I took the kids to lunch at Wendy's where Nora had her very first Frosty!  It was a huge success!

Only in Tennessee....Yes, my son is in the front yard in his white t-shirt and diaper.  Oh, and he's barefoot.

Our first dinner in NYC at the wonderful Patsy's.  Probably one of the best Italian dishes I have ever had!  I had the shrimp marinara and JB got a stuff veal marsala.  Yum. Drool.  Mouth-watering!

Post-nap snacktime

Liam was learning how to use the sippy cup during this time.  I think it's pretty obvious he still had some kinks to work out.

There are no words for this one:

Okay, so we've been having some major separation anxiety issues with Liam, particularly on Sunday mornings at church.  So, after about 15-20 minutes of screaming, Jonathan or I are usually in the lobby with Liam for the remainder of the service.  Funnily enough, Liam's little friend Elijah is going through the same thing (I think they plan this).  So, they often end up playing together during service while the Mommas try to keep them from reeking havoc on the church building.

Here are some of their schemes:

I mean, look at the sweet, big-eyed, manipulative expressions here!  What are we to do with these boys?

"Mom, what's this?  I'm just going to have a little sip to see what this thing is all about."
"Yum.  Me like."

Destroying Granna's cabinets.

Here's Nora wearing my beach hat.

At our weekly Kroger visit, Nora was allowed to push the mini-buggy. Oh, dear, was she ever excited. She really did a great job and only took out my ankles about a half-dozen times! I am surprised to say that I will probably let her do that again because it kept her occupied and she obeyed really well! Plus, she pushed around some of the groceries!

Here is the picture of me that Nora took:  See how freckly my face is?  That's what the beach does to my pale skin!

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