Saturday, June 26, 2010

Potty-Training Memoir

So, we've been in the potty-training process for a while now, but tonight we are taking it to...

duh, duh, dummmmmmmmm.....


Nora is in bed tonight sleeping in her panties!  No more pull-ups or diapers at night time.  I bought the waterproof mattress pad this afternoon, so we'll just see how this goes.  She has gone several nights without having a wet diaper in the morning, and if she does need to pee in the middle of the night, she wakes up crying and tells us she has to go.  I know that this part of the process may take a long time, but since she started doing it on her own, we are just going with the flow.

Where we are NOT making much progress is with the pooping.  I've been trying to force her into it, I guess you could say, but she was just refusing and I was just getting frustrated, so Jonathan and I decided to stop pressuring her in this area.  I am going to try again when she turns three in mid-August.  And who knows, she may decide she's ready on her own before then! 

This is just another area where God is showing me that I am not in control and can't be.  God is sovereign over all of the details in my life, from Nora's potty-training process to Liam's separation anxiety to training Liam to be a good eater.  He cares about the big and the small, and he is in control of it all!  I wish I could just learn this lesson that I am not self-sufficient once and for all, but I have a feeling that due to my sinfulness and God's desire to keep me dependent on Him, He will have to continually remind me that I was created to be a dependent creature!  Thank you, Lord, for being so patient with this momma! Help me to remember your patience with me when I need to exercise patience toward my babies!

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