Sunday, September 19, 2010

Catching Up

Hello World!

(Head hung in shame).

I have completely fallen off of the blog wagon the past few weeks...or months.  I don't really have an excuse except that I just haven't had the opportunity to sit still for very long to write down all that's been going on in our life.  If it makes you feel any better, I haven't even had the opportunity very much to pick up my camera to take snapshots of the kids.  I guess we have just been amidst a busy season, and we have two very busy kiddos who require lots of attention!  I am, however, motivated at this moment to record some of what's been happening with us over the past few weeks.

Going back to Labor Day weekend, we celebrated the end of summertime with a visit from my parents!  We were so excited to have a long weekend with them, and as always, our time with them was super precious.  Liam and my dad bonded right away, as is usual with those two!  They seem to have a lot in common:  they like to sleep, they like to eat, they are picky about what they eat, and they are very sweet boys...ahem, men.

While my folks were here, we did a lot of eating!  My daddy loves BBQ, so we definitely had to take them to our new favorite BBQ joint called Dead End BBQ.  My dad loved it!  We spent Saturday down in Market Square where we shopped around, browsed the Fresh Market, and ate lunch at the Downtown Brewery.  We went to church on Sunday, and after a good naptime, we joined the rest of the Bradshaw crew over at Paul and Joyce's for a cookout.  It was a great weekend, and it made me realize that I miss my folks so much.  How I wish they lived closer!

Enjoying fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Fun Times in Market Square
Bradshaw Labor Dad Cookout

Three Precious Girls Who Apparently Think Alike
Yet another thing Liam and Grandpa have in common: Banana Pudding

After our busy, yet wonderful Labor Day, we continued a typical week of running around, playing with friends, Care Group, ballet, and time together as a family.  We got to experience our first time as Care Group leaders with our new group that meets every other Friday night at the Townsend's home.  We are so excited about the families in our group, and we feel so blessed to get to grow in relationships with them!

After church last Sunday (a week ago today), our good friends Dalyn and Jessica Webb came in town to spend a few days with us and introduce us to their TWIN BABIES!  Landry Knox and Finley Marie are miracle babies who are now four months old.  We love Dalyn and Jess so much, and we were so glad to get to spend a few days with them while they were in Knoxville visiting.  They are just naturals at parenting, and they seem so relaxed and at ease with taking care of two!  When we first met them, they were in the midst of their struggles of infertility, and after much patience and prayers, we have two precious babies on our hands to love and watch grow!  Unfortunately, I have hardly any pictures of our visit!  Jessica took a bunch, but I haven't gotten them from her yet.

Dalyn and Jess arranged to have our good friend Suzanne McNeil take pictures of the twins.  Suzanne and I took a photography class together a year ago, and she has recently started her own photography business.  Suzanne is super talented, so when I heard she was taking the photos, I asked her if I could second shoot.  Basically, that just means I show up with my camera, take some pictures and try not to get in Suzanne's way.  The pictures that Suz took came out amazing!  You can visit her blog here to see them for yourself, but I will show you two of the pics that I took that came out pretty well!

So, here we are on Sunday evening, and I cannot tell you exactly what all has happened between now and then.  I am so thankful that this weekend we have spent a lot of much needed time together as a family, just the four of us.  We are blessed abundantly and our cup is overflowing with all the friends and family and activities that fill our lives.  God is so good to us, and without Him we would have nothing good.

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