Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Years Old

Well, it's been a few weeks since the big day, but our Nora girl is three years old.  Man, how the time flies!  It seems like yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital.  Giving her her first bath.  Begging the little rascal to take a pacifier.  Feeding every few hours.  Now she's a big girl.  I mean it.  A big girl!  She likes to do everything all. by. herself.  She's definitely our little independent girl these days.

For insurance purposes, Nora's three year appointment wasn't until this past Wednesday.  We had a great appointment, and even though we did have tears due to the shots she received, she did a wonderful job and was extremely brave.  She weighs in at 29 lbs.  (45th percentile) and is 37 1/8 inches tall (55th percentile).

Here are somethings about Nora Kathryn at three:

She is all about dressing up these days.  She has acquired a few princess dresses lately, so she loves to run around the house decked out in her princess decor.

Speaking of dressing, Nora can put her panties and any pants, shorts, or skirts on all by herself.  She still has trouble getting the shirts or dresses over head (wonder why that is!?), but she's definitely getting better about these things.  Growing up!

She has started ballet and is absolutely adoring it.  Every week she looks forward to putting on her leotard, tights, and ballet shoes.  We must put her hair up in a ponytail, not forgetting her butterfly clip to keep her bangs out of her face.

She loves her baby brother.  Today, Nora woke up with a bit of a stomach bug.  She was not feeling well at all and only wanted to lay in the bathroom floor, sitting in my lap.  This made caring for Liam (who is a true Momma's boy) quite difficult, and since I was concerned that Liam could pick up what Nora had Jonathan's folks came to get him for a few hours.  The whole time he was gone, she kept asking for him and was so excited when she found out he was coming back.  She missed her little playmate, I guess!  They love to play chase together and thoroughly enjoy their attempts at making me deaf with their high-pitched squeals of joyful laughter.

Nora is fully pee-pee and poo-poo potty trained.  Boy was that an adventure...something I have been meaning to blog about but just haven't gotten around to with our busyness here lately.  Nora wears panties all the time, even during naps and at night time.  If she does need to use the bathroom during the night, she typically wakes up to call us to take her.  Such a big girl!

I am trying to work on getting Nora involved in helping around the house.  Currently, her "chores" include unloading the silverware out of the dishwasher.  She does a great job!  Also, I will recruit her for helping with the dusting.  She particularly loves those Swiffer Dust Wand things.  That girl will go to town!

Jonathan and I are trying to work on being better about memorizing Scripture.  This is an area where I have always struggled, but I know how important it is and the Lord speaks to us through His Word.  I want God's Word to be on my heart, but also on the heart of my kids.  So, I have just recently started trying to help Nora memorize Bible verses.  We began with Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my shepherd; He gives me everything I need."  She knows the verse, and I even found a worship song that quotes the scripture that we have listened to a few times.  We have talked together about what it means, how the Lord (Jesus) is our shepherd.  He watches over us, protects us, loves and cares for us.  He has given us everything we have (our home, our clothes, toys, food, drink, friends, family, church, etc.), and He gives us everything we need.  We should be thankful for how He cares for us.  I honestly have no idea how much of this she is retaining or how much of it she fully understands, but I am trusting in the promises of God that His Words will dwell within her.  I pray that one day these words will be Truth and Reality to her as they are to me.

Nora has just recently learned to ride a bicycle with training wheels.  My mom bought her a bicycle from a garage sale several months ago, and within the past two weeks, she has learned to pedal continuously.  She loves to venture down our street to the cul de sac, but she only makes it about halfway back before she calls it quits.

Nora got a new haircut!  Her hair had really started to grow, but there was one side that was thicker than the other due to the way her hair is parted.  I talked to a girlfriend of mine who cuts hair, and she agreed with me that a bob would be a precious look and would hopefully encourage her hair to grow in thicker.  So, we'll see if long hair is potentially in Nora's future, but for now, her bob is adorable!  (Pics of that to come)

Here are some things that Nora loves to say:

"Daddy, will you relax with me?"  (Bedtime routine)

"You need help, Mommy?"

"Good Morning, Weeam."

"Can I have some fruit snackses?"  The point is that she adds an additional "s" to make plural things even more plural.  Snackses, cupses, plateses.  Quite cute!

When I ask Nora to do something, to make sure that she has understood I will have her say, "Yes, Mommy."  For example, "Nora, you need to help Momma pick up the toys in your room.  Do you understand?"  If she doesn't answer me right away or has the potential to refute my request, I will prompt her by saying, "Say, Yes Mommy."  And she'll repeat back, "Yes, Mommy."

Well, the other day, I overheard the following:

Nora:  Liam, you need to share that toy with me.  Say, "Yes, Nora."
Liam:  (Completely clueless, crawls away)

Silly girl also tried to pull that off on me.  But, I didn't fall for it ;)

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