Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liam Piper: 17 Months

Oh, Liam Piper.  I cannot believe you are already 17 months.  At least you aren't yet 18 months because that just sounds big.  You are such a joy and the stealer of many hearts.  I pray that you are always so sweet-natured, cheerful, and full of life.

When you wake in the morning, the first thing you want to do is eat.  You love breakfast, you love milk, you love to walk into the kitchen to see your big sister already eating.  You are pretty much a picky eater, but breakfast is something you rather enjoy.  Probably because you love sweet things! 

You spend your days running all over the house.  I have to be cautious of keeping the bathroom doors closed at all times or you will be in the toilets or trashcans.  You love to read books, almost as much as Nora does.  You will either sit contentedly and read to yourself, or bring several books to the little white table and read there, or--my favorite--hunt Momma down to sit in my lap while I read the same book to you over and over.

You love to be outside.  If Momma or Daddy mentions playing in the backyard, you are so zealous to be the first out the door.  You have a new obsession with shoes, particularly your blue crocs (which are nearly too small, but we're making it work since you love them dearly).  You want to be so big, yet you are not quite there.  Nora can climb the big hill in our back yard all by herself, and though you try, you can't quite get there without assistance.  Oh, how mad that makes you!

You love to find the moon.  You love to hear the train.  You can hear and spot an airplane miles away.  Your favorite word is car or "Cah!"  You are definitely all boy! 

Although you are sweet, we are learning that you are very stubborn.  Daddy says you are like him in that way.  Your latest thing is that when Momma tells you to "Come," you take off running in the opposite directions, laughing like it's the greatest joke.  I struggle with laughing at you because of your cuteness, but I know you are not doing what is right.

But, oh are you a joy!  You are so handsome, so tender, and  You are wearing mostly 24 month clothes right now, big boy.  Just a few pounds less in weight than your big sister.  I'm sure you will catch her and outgrow her within the year.

You love to talk.  We can hardly understand your jabber most times, but you are passionate about what you say.  Lately, you get frustrated because we can't understand when you are trying to communicate something.  Tempers flair and fits take place, but you'll get there, Buddy, you'll get there.

You love your Sissy Girl.  You want to be like her so badly and be into everything she is.  She, in turn, loves you too.  She may get frustrated with you, get tired of having you interrupt her play, but she loves you dearly.  I am so blessed to hear your laughter together more and more these days.  You are turning into playmates and best friends, not just brother and sister who live in the same house.

You struggle with sharing, but you will learn.  You are quick to give hugs and kisses when needed.  You are also very quick to realize that something is wrong or if someone is hurt.  When that happens, you are there to give a kiss and a hug with the most sincere affection.

Whenever Nora is in trouble, you are right there.  Curious.  Concerned.  Looking out for your Big Sister.  You will be a protector, I think. 

Oh, how I wish I could freeze time.  I love my babies at this moment and want to capture how you are so I will never forget.  You are a gift from the Lord and a joy to our hearts.  You are a means of growth and change in my life everyday, and I am so thankful for the gift of you, my son!  God has made my bounty full and my cup overflowing!


Jason and Shelley said...

I love Nora's boots! :)

Tina said...

I'm all teary-eyed over here!