Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Adventure 2010

Yesterday, our family went to the Fruit and Berry Patch for our annual pumpkin patch extravaganza!  This year, we wanted to make this a Care Group adventure, so we all met out there for a great time of picking pumpkins, playing with the animals, and picnicking in the gorgeous Fall weather.

Nora and Layla, so excited to see each other!

Oh wait! Now the trio is complete: Nora, Layla & McKenna

Elijah, posing like a pro

Liam- quite grumpy at first and refused to leave my arms

Loaded up and ready to head to the fields

When we arrived at the pumpkin fields, there was a fenced area full of sheep and a llama!  The kids loved looking at, petting, and feeding the sheep pieces of corn.  Such a surprise!

Look what I found, Momma!

Brother and sister love!

Meet Ty and Ben!  They have a newborn baby brother who was born several weeks premature.  They were on a serious hunt to find Baby Eli the perfect pumpkin.  So sweet!

The girls are ready to head back for lunch!

Attempts at getting a group kid photo:

I bribed Liam with cookies.  I am not ashamed.

Look at Liam's "Cheese" face!  Also, Nora was upset because she was getting in trouble.

Elijah and Liam.  Only one month apart.  I see much trouble brewing between these two in the future.

The three sisters.  Nora insists that she and Layla and McKenna are sisters.  I tried explaining to her that you couldn't be sisters unless you had the same mommy and daddy, and I told her you have to have the same last name.  So, her response was that they did have the same last name.  When I asked her what it was:  Elephant.  So, meet Nora, Layla, and McKenna Elephant.  Sisters.

Our Precious Gift of a Care Group (minus a few)
The Hancocks, The Kordas, The Wrights, The Bradshaws, The Townsends, & The Slagers
We are so blessed to have such great friendships already blossoming having been together for such a short time.  I am so excited about growing together in the Lord with these people!

The Bradshaw Family- October 2010

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Anonymous said...

I have not visited your site in quite some time. You are a wonderful photographer and very gifted at putting your words down for everyone to share your joy. I don't even have to ask, I know all is well with you and your family. If you are ever in BR, get your father to set up an office meeting just so we can see you! Sounds good to me! Blessings to you! Vonda