Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Right Now I'm Thinking....

1.  I am so sorry, but I love 19 Kids and Counting.  There is just something so intriguing to me about the Duggar family.  The seem so genuine in their love for one another.  I like them.

2.  Fall is probably my favorite season of the year, especially since we live in East TN.  This year, I am noticing there are TONS of orange trees.  They are everywhere.  I wish someone could explain to me how the amount of rain or the sun or the temperature affects the leaves as they die and determines their colors.  AH! It's amazing.  What an awesome God we serve!

3.  Along with that, I think my husband thinks I am crazy.  As we drive along in the car, I'm like "Look! Look at that one!  Do you see it!?"  I really just want to go knock on the doors of some of these houses with huge, gorgeous bright yellow or bright orange trees and just ask them if I can take some pictures under their tree.  Can I just take a nap in the leaves?  Can I collect some of your colorful leaves?

4.  I really like Hobby Lobby. 

5.  I'm excited about Taylor Swift's new CD that came out earlier this week.  Yes, I like Taylor Swift.  I've said it before.  Get over it.

6.  It's almost the end of October and I have YET to make something with pumpkin.  Shocking, I know.  However, I do plan to make a pumpkin cake tomorrow.  So, I will quickly be remedying the situation.

7.  My kids are hilarious and I just can't stand how much I love them.  They drive me crazy like nobody else, but they are such a joy and a gift.

8.  I'm really hungry right now and the pretzels and hummus I am snacking on just aren't doing it for me.  What to eat? What to eat?

9.  I really need to clean my master bathroom, and I REALLY don't want to do it.

10.  My sister-in-law, Amy, is getting married in the spring, and I need to go get fitted for my dress.  Like really soon.

11.  Renovations on the office are underway.  The construction team demo-ed the office last Friday and they cut the slab for plumbing today.  Slowly but surely things are happening!  I've got to post some pictures soon so you guys can see the before and afters.  Believe me, I think it will be a BIG change!  So excited to see the finished product.

12.  I love cheese.  Seriously one of the best things ever.  Lately, I've been on a Boursin cheese kick.  The garlic and herb flavor with sea salt bagel chips.  YUM!

13.  My poor, sweet, exhausted husband is sound asleep on the couch right now as I type this, eat my pretzels, and watch the Duggars.  Poor thing is working so, so hard that he just crashes once we get the kids down for the night.

14.  I have been so blessed by the generosity of several friends who have let me borrow clothes for my children.  Seriously, I have been given such an abundance of clothes for my kiddos the past several months that there is hardly anything I need to purchase for them.  What a blessing!  Thank you!

15.  I miss my family and can't wait to spend Christmas with them in New Orleans.

Okay, that's enough crazy random for one night.  The Duggar show is almost over.  My hummus is all gone.  I've got to get this sleeping man off the couch and into bed.  Night!

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